What's your favorite MFSL CD's?

Started collecting MFSL CD's early this year and would like to know your favorite titles.
Who's Next - the Who
Breakfast in America - Supertramp
Teaser and the Firecat - Cat Stevens
The best title for me is
#1. Pink Floyd'S MEDDLE--- wonderful recording and wonderful music...

#2-- todd Rundgren's-- OOOPs wrong planet ...
another grat recording ....

Muddy Waters Folk Singer, Pink Floyd DSOTM, Bernard Hermann Fantasy Film World.
Second the Muddy Waters, Johnny Hartman/John Coltrane, BS&T, Elton John Tumbleweed Connection.
Whos next
Dave Mason Alone Together
Pink Floyd The Wall
Best Sounding MFSL's
Elton John ...
Yellow Brick Road
Honky Cheateau

Super Tramps
Hall & Oates Voices
Steely Dan Gaucho & AJA

Also Try Mighty Sam and The Lucas JVC XRCDs
The who-Tommy
John Hiatt- Bring the Family
Robert Cray- Strong Persuader
Robbie Robertson- first
Counting Crows- August and Everything After
Muddy Waters- Folk Singer
John Lee Hooker- The Healer
ella & louis again
Crime of the Century-Supertramp
Nick of Time-Bonnie Raitt
Thick as a Brick-Tull
and of course, DSOTM-Pink Floyd
Queen "News of the World". Some of the tracks are flat, but half of the tracks are truly breath taking. "Get Down, Make Love" is worth the price alone. Interestingly, Queen's "A Night at the Opera" is a real turd. Sounds like a really flat and poorly engineered master tape (not MFSL's fault; but I question why they ever would have released this title. Same for the Moody Blues "On the Threshold of a Dream". ) Also, Todd Rundgren's double disc "Something...Anything" has exceptional engineering, production, and mastering. Happy Tunes!
One of the best sounding MFSL cd's I've ever heard is Harry Nilsson: Nilsson Schmilsson. Other excellent ones are - Joe Jackson: Night and Day, The Allman Brothers: Live at The Fillmore East, Bob Marley: Catch A Fire, Miles Davis: Kind of Blue, Steve Winwood: Arc of a Diver, The Who: Who's Next, Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited, Duke Ellington and Louie Armstong: The Summit, and U2: War. Just to name a few!
Personally owning every single MFSL CD ever pressed it's a tough decision to say what are my favorites. Here's top 10.

1. Dave Grisman-Hot Dawg (UltraDisc I)
2. Joe Jackson- Will Power (UltraDisc I)
3. The WHO- Who's Next (Ultra Disc II)
4. Jazz Sampler- JS1 Various Artists (1st Ultra Disc I ever pressed)
5.Elton John- MadMan Across the Water (UltraDisc I)
6.Pink Floyd- The Wall (UltraDisc I)
7." " - Dark Side of Moon (Ultra Disc I)
8.Classical Sampler- CS-1 (Ultra Disc I)
9.Steely Dan- Aja (UltraDisc I)
10.Sonny Rollins- Way out West (1st CD ever pressed by MFSL in "aluminum" circa 1984)
Pink Floyd - DSOTM
Jean Michele Jarre - Equinoxe
RUSH - Moving Pictures
Sting - Nothing Like The Sun
Sting- Dream of the Blue Turtles
The Police - Synchronicity
John Lee Hooker - The Healer
Eric Clapton - Slowhand

I have around 100 MoFi gold cd's but those above are my favorites.