What's your favorite boutique speaker maker

Seeing a few discussions recently about Fritz made me curious about what other artisan speaker shops are out there. 

I'll cast my vote for Louis at Omega Speakers in CT. His high efficiency full range Alnico drivers, impeccable craftsmanship and very reasonable prices make a compelling option. I've had some very nice speakers over the years but these put a smile on my face like no others could. My search is over. 

No affiliation with him, here's a link to the ones he built for me the beginning of this year. 
It seems like a lifetime ago, but in the 1980’s it was John Fuselier, hands down one of the all time great speaker designer/builders. He is no longer with us, but for those of us who were fortunate enough to know him and own his speakers, it was simply a real treat!
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I have owned 3 different pairs of Omegas, Compact Hemp w/dual Deep Hemp Subs, Super 6 Monitors w/Deep Hemp subs, and XRS 8 Alnico w/Deep Hemp subs. As I moved up the line Louis had a trade up policy and was awesome to work with. I sold the XRS/Deep Hemp combo and now listen to a pair of Charney Audio Companions with Omega RS7 drivers. Charney Audio ia a one man boutique manufacturer located in central NJ. The Charneys have been in my system since Fall 2016, the longest of any speaker I have owned. They are a horn based on the tractrix theory with no box coloration's, no sub, and sound great on tube and SS gear. Hoping to unload these and move up the Charney line soon.http://charneyaudio.com/ 
I love the look of Devore Orangutans. Although they've been growing their dealer network, apparently they still offer a staggering variety of beautiful cabinet finishes. So a customer can specify, say,  glossy robin's egg blue for the cabinet sides, with fronts in Sweet Gum or Tiger Maple that appear to be book-matched veneers. So the "boutique" choices may have at least as much to do with building a piece of fine furniture as they do with SQ or usability.  But also, if I want to discuss specific issues affecting SQ (such as my low ceilings) then I may want to seek a boutique builder who'll allow custom choices for features such as plinth design, rake adjustment, tweeter positioning, etc.