What's your favorite boutique speaker maker

Seeing a few discussions recently about Fritz made me curious about what other artisan speaker shops are out there. 

I'll cast my vote for Louis at Omega Speakers in CT. His high efficiency full range Alnico drivers, impeccable craftsmanship and very reasonable prices make a compelling option. I've had some very nice speakers over the years but these put a smile on my face like no others could. My search is over. 

No affiliation with him, here's a link to the ones he built for me the beginning of this year. 

I don’t know what constitutes "boutique" when it comes to loudspeakers, but I would think Bruce Thigpen and his Eminent Technology LFT-8b meets the criteria.

For those willing and able to DIY, Danny Richie's GR Research kits are fantastic speakers at bargain prices.

I like mine....I had a set of 123 LS6s (GR) crossover and design, Still have  their Servo bass columns... I like mine... I like the look of the original LS9s, too. Open baffle is just HARD to get right...I gave up on them... I still use planars, just not OB.. Way to weird to tame down..

Boutique: small business producing fashionable high level articles.

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