What's your favorite album cover art ?

While re-organizing my album collection, I found myself admiring the quality and beauty of the album cover jacket. One artist that really caught my attention was Roger Dean who did all (most) of the YES cover jackets. You just don't get this quality of art on CD jewel case inserts. What are your favorite album cover jacket art?
Try the book "Blue Note the Album Cover Art", all album sized. If you like classic jazz it's great.
Bob Marley, "Catch A Fire"!
The eerie and spooky artwork of H.R. Giger appears on or in many of my favorite albums. Some of his stuff is very creepy yet has intense "drawing power". The interior of his house looks just as freaky. I'm sure others will come to mind, but his stuff INSTANTLY came to mind, especially some of the mid-period Celtic Frost stuff. Sean
Come on Sean we all know you are enamoured with the cover of Nirvana's "Nevermind" ;) you can be honest with us :) ~Tim
Freddie Hubbard "Liquid Love"
I second the "Yes" albums
"Time Out" Brubek:
My favorite album cover art would have to be the photographic art work on all of the Ohio Player's albums. These were the most erotic photos to grace an album cover. You would buy the album just for the cover alone. It was almost an added bonus that the Ohio Player's were one of the best Funk Bands that ever existed.
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Through all these years, it's still Zeppelin I.

1. King Crimson "In The Court Of The Crimson King" 2.Beatles "Yellow Submarine" 3. Big Brother And The Holding Company "Cheap Thrills".
Most Progressive Rock albums from the late 60's and early 70's and even now.Art and Prog music went together.Yes,King Crimson,ELP,Ange,Eloy,Anglagard[90's]King Crimson Lovers Anglagard is the bomb!!],Nectar,many Italian Bands and on and on.Not to mention Psych bands.I have quite a few framed the artwork is so good.Another + for vinyl is the size compared to small renditions of the art on cd's.
simple, yet......simple.
The LP cover for "Undercurrent", with Bill Evans and Jim Hall, is very elegant and sexy...
Rolling Stones:
Satanic Majesty (3D) and Sticky fingers
Yes, Close to the Edge...lot of memories
Come on, everyone! What about John and Yoko's first album...
All the following have had interesting artwork on their album covers:
Dead Can Dance
Pink Floyd
Weather Report
The Grateful Dead
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
Brian Eno
Herbie Hancock

and don't forget
The Beatles "White Album".
Emerson Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery
Thanks a lot Tim : )

Anybody remember the barely risque' covers from Roxy Music that ended up getting "edited" ??? Sean
Roxy Music, Jimi Hendrix's Electic Ladyland, Blind Faith all got edited here in the US. So how did John and Yoko manage to get past the censors?
Do'nt forget the records by Little Feat designed by Neon Parks
Cream "Disraeli Gears"

Beatles "Sgt Peppers"

Cars "Candy-O"
SuperTramp-Breakfast in America

Led Zeppelin-III,IV & Houses of the Holy

Genesis-Foxtrot & The Lambs lies down on Broadway
I guess I have it bad...I admit to actually collecting and using album covers as art on my walls in my listening room. There is a great book, "The Ultimate Album Cover Album", by Roger Dean and David Howells, Prentice Hall, 1987. ISBN# 0-13-935750-5. This work provides an interesting history of album cover art and many photos.

Some favorites:

Blind Faith (1969)
Houses of the Holy-Led Zeppelin
Dark Side of the Moon-Pink Floyd
Yes- Relayer
Playing Possum-Carly Simon
Hotel California-Eagles
Joni Mitchell-Dod Eat Dog (Geffen)
Bruce Springsteen-Born in The USA

BTW, I also hang favorite laser disc covers in a home theatre room.
Favorite is a tough one, but a standout among those on permanent exhibition in my mind's eye is the Greatful Dead's "Blues for Allah". The long robed, sunglassed, grey haired skeleton playing a violin seems so at home upon his
perch that his natural ease counters the bizzare image.
For those fans of the great Stanley Mouse, master of many "dead" paintings, check out the limited issue series of plates (yes, plates, 7 in all) from the Bradford Exchange. Very cool and auspicious quality.

Best Zen cover, Poco's "Legend"
Megadeth's Youthanasia.
Spinal Tap...Smell the Glove.
Roger Dean!
Beatles White album
Check out the Spyro Gyra cover art. They are colorful!
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These covers describe perfectly the contend 

Alphataurus, 1973 triple fold out
Yessongs, 1973 4-piece fold out cover by Roger Dean
Demons and Wizards & The Magician´s Birthday, both 1972 by Roger    Dean are his finest
Tales from Topographic Oceans, 1973 his 4th best
Relayer, 1974 his worst, grey and dull like music it contains except wonderful "Soon" section
Greenslade, both 1973 also by Roger Dean
Look at Yourself by Uriah Heep, 1971
Very ´eavy.... Very ´umble by Uriah Heep, 1970
Deep Purple in Rock, 1970
Trespass by Genesis, 1970 
Benefit by Jethro Tull, 1971
Aqualung by Jethro Tull, 1971
Valentyne Suite by Colosseum, 1969 the 1st on Vertigo Label
Colosseum Live, 1971
Pictures at an Exhibition & Tarkus by ELP, 1971
Pink Floyd´s Hipgnosis covers, all great
Tormato by Yes, 1978 Hipgnosis´ most clever cover
Twin Peaks Mountain Live, 1974
Harakka Bialoipokku by Pekka Pohjola, 1974
Uomo di pezza by Le Orme, 1972
Blue Öyster Cult, 1972 -75
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band´s cartoon covers, 1974-75
Boston covers, 1976-86 
Point of Know Return by Kansas, 1977 their finest album
Infinity by Journey, 1978 their best album
Obsession by UFO, 1978 their best album 
Asia, 1982-83 by Roger Dean at his best (again)

Woodstock "Two"


Not my favorite but there's none other like it...

Mom's Apple Pie
Father John Misty "Fear Fun"
Fleetwood Mac "Mystery To Me"

Queen's "News Of The World" cover has a cool story behind it

 Queen commissioned artist Frank Kelly Freas who drew the October 1953 cover of "Astounding Science Fiction" to rework the image painting the dead band members in the robots hand.   I created my avatar with it..I always though it was an oddly interesting image.

May not appeal to you aesthetically but I always loved the fake newspaper items on Thick as a Brick

Mickey Katz live at the Fillmore!!

Quicksilver Messenger Service: "Happy Trails" and "It's a Beautiful Day" self titled first album.  
Pretty much anything from KMFDM.  Artist is Aidan  Hughes
Stevie Wonder "Musiquarium".
Cat Stevens "Tea For The Tillerman," Moody Blues "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour."

Metallica The Black Album and The Beatles White Album.
Blind Faith/1969(I was much younger then)!
Peter Tosh Legalise It.
Peter Tosh Legalise It.