What`s your fave Audiophile Chill Out recording?

Hi Folks
I was just wondering if anyone out there has a favorite awesome sounding Chill Out recording that they would recommend
Thanks in advance
Bass Communion-Loss (DVD-A)
Pete Namlook-Air I & II
Many Steve Roach CDs
Michael Stearns-The Lost World
Sting live "All This Time" featuring Chris Botti
Vlatko Stefanowsky "Thunder From The Blue Sky"
Wolfgang Haffner "Acoustic Shapes"
Nils Petter Molvaer "Khmer", "Revision Soundtracks"
Max Melvin "Satellites" is pretty good. Any of the Space Night compilations on Elektrolux are good also.
Jen Warnes: The Well, I think it's the Cisco 180 gram.
Superlative recording, and love her voice.
anything by Richard Bone
Hifi...what are some that YOU like? I can go from there if it's electronic or ambient.
Dexter Gordon, One Flight Up. CISCO vinyl reissue.
I guess my fave Chill out styles are from BLISS.

I love Quiet letters & After life Cds are my faves.

So looking for that kinda style of music is any can recommend

Brian Eno Atmosphere
Keith Jarrett, "The Melody, At Night, With You"
almost anything by AIR, and chill out by KLF, or fast asleep by Funky Porcini.
Shelby Lynne - Just a Little Lovin'

Tierney Sutton - Dancing in the Dark

Chet Baker - Chet is Back

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

Madeline Peyroux - Careless Love

wow, that's a lot of chillin'

I would be chillin' to that music with a big piece of pecan pie from Goode. :) PS: licking cue sauce off your fingers while listening to Shelby is also good.
Chris Izaak Baja Sessions, Willie Nelson Teatro, Paul Kelly A to Z, Dusty in Memphis, every Hi Record by Al Green

Al Green, excellent call. The reverand never disappoints.

I hate to admit this, but every time I am in So Cal now, such as last week, I make sure I go to In-n-Out at least twice.

With all this talk next time I am there you and I need to go get some chow. Drop me a line next time you are in Houston as well.
Willie Nelson Stardust, bebel gilberto tantotempo, Kings of Convenience Declaration of Dependence, Kenny burrell guitar forms, Kraftwork Autobahn, Fleetfoxes.

The second you mentioned Bliss I knew that were was already a previous thread.

Pleasure is mine
Chris Whitley 'Perfect Day'
(featuring Billy Martin & Chris Wood)
VE SACD 15119
The Art of Zen - Tony Scott
I would advise you to get on somafm.com and check out some of the stations. Great selection of channels there with several shades of chill. Drone Zone, Beat Blender, Groove Salad. It's addictive.
Portishead - Dummy. Stellar sounding on the hifi.
Karma and Semantic Spaces by Delerium.
Cowboy Junkies Trinity Revisited
Anything by Ry Cooder.
Lowell George, "Thanks I'll eat it here"
Just a well recorded fun musical ride everytime I get around to playing it.
The dulcet tones of the Mantovani Orchestra.
Sorta hard to pick just one, but Eberhard Weber / The Following Morning still works.
Check out the "Favourite ECM Titles" thread. All audiophile recordings and lots of "chill out" music. This would be chilling out of herbal tea sipping variety though.

Chilling out of the "coming down after a night of clubbing" variety calls for an entirely different style of music. Guru's Jazzmatazz comes to mind.
Keiko Matsui- Deep Blue
Not necessarily my favorite, because I have many, but "Chill Out" by John Lee Hooker comes to mind. Definitely for John Lee Hooker fans.
Check out music by "Stars of the Lid".
Nine Horses, "Snow Borne Sorrow". A David Sylvian project. Trippy but interesting.
Do Make Say Think -- &Yet &Yet
Bella Sonus "Enamoured". As a bonus, it's the finest quality red book cd I have ever heard....and a woofer stretcher to boot. Good luck finding it for realistic money, though.
Acres: How does it compare to the Amethystium recordings?
I think they're both on Neurodisc, right?
If you are set up for vinyl, Arthur Lyman: Taboo on HiFi Records. You need the original 1958 stereo pressing, still easy to find anytime for $5. His style (vibes) is masterful but very restrained, and he recorded in the hemispherical aluminum Kaiser dome, which provides additional ambience. Lyman's other work for HiFi ca. 1958-1959, Bwana A, Hawaiian Sunset, Legend of Pele, Bahia, is equally Old School chill. You will need a martini and a plushly-upholstered chair.

I agree with several of the above more recent artists and titles, but this is the chilliest that I get.
Era's self-titled album is amazing for chilling out.
Also, anything by Medhi.

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