What's your experience with the Rotel RCD-1072?


My current digital source is (various) transports hooked up to an Adcom 700 DAC. I'm thinking of adding a Rotel RCD-1072 CD player, and wonder if any of you happened to have auditioned the Rotel vs the Adcom DAC. Would there be an appreciable difference in adding the Rotel?

Thanks for your advice.
I've not heard the Adcom DAC...but have compared the Rotel 1072 to the Arcam CD73t (pretty sure thats the model, their $699 version) and liked the Rotel better.

I assume you intend to use the Rotel as a stand alone player and not just as a transport?
That's right. I'd use the Rotel as a standalone CD player instead of the DAC.
...one of the best values on the market.
This one is realy giant killer.
I've owned the RCD-1072 and it's a very good player for the money. I don't think you'd be disappointed.

But...there's always a but.

I did find two that I liked better.
1)Marantz 8260, more low-end, more air, detail, etc...I got mine for under $600 used.
2)Tube Research Labs modified Sony 900, far and away, the best player I've ever heard and absolutely no comparison to anything even close to the price. I got the player used for $300 and then $550 for the mod. I've heard they are raising their price to $750.
I own the 1072. It's fine. Reliable, well built, sounds fine. Can't comment further as the rest of the sound is system dependent. My system sound is an accurate, clear with a glass-like clarity, detailed with strong bass and extended treble. Bad recordings can sound really bad. Most newer rock albums and poorly mixed classic reissues are almost unlistenable. Good recordings sound great.