What's your dream speaker?

If cost and availability is no problem, what's your dream speaker(s) and "why" do you want it?

I'll start.  My dream speaker is the Magico M3.  After auditioning the best speakers I could find through dealers and audio shows, the speaker sound that rather consistently connected with me emotionally were the YG and Magico.  The Magico M6/M9 are great for larger spaces, but the M3 is perfect for my use.

I haven't quite nailed down the speaker for my 2nd system yet which will be driven by flea watt amps.  Horns for bass are larger than my space can accommodate so must determine compromises I'm willing to settle for.
It took me well over 20 years, but I finally have Wilson Watt Puppy’s (8’s).
Alsyvox Botticelli…. Heard them at RMAF in 2019 and for me they were the best in show. They were in a massive room with no subs. It’s like a top of the line Maggie but with bass and slamming dynamics.. pretty too!!
I'm lucky, I have my dream speakers. Altec 288/515 drivers. Come up with a radical concept, built from the ground up (based on how loudspeakers, music instruments, and the human hearing works), the design took 20 years to develop. It's operating mode is unlike anything on the market, so it cannot be classified into any category (bass reflex, horn, etc...), and it's basically omnidirectional.
It has been a dream for two decades, and it turned out to be even better than I expected in my wildest dreams.
I wish that for everyone. Go for your dreams! And don't be afraid to create it, and go the extra mile (or extra decades!) to get there.