What's your definition of an audiophile?

Our love of audio is really basic biology with the brains dopamine reward system. The more we get pleasure with something the more we seek it out for the brains dopamineric response. Better sounding music equal more reward. MUSIC is our high! I tried to be a little eccentric from a science perspective. Alan Parsons cynically said "Audiophiles don’t use their equipment to listen to music. Audiophiles use your music to listen to their equipment”. Let me hear your definition

Just read through the current Absolute Sound. Everything is too expensive for what I'd willingly pay to improve what I'm already happy with. Therefore, I'm not an audiophile.
The Absolute Sound imo gives audiophiles a bad name. It's been a long time since it was relevant (though I do like Steven Stone, who was mentored by the great J. Gordon Holt.). You know it's bad when TAS founder Harry Pearson quits! But then JGH quit Stereophile too. And they're both dead and buried, as will be audiophiledom when all of us are gone.
Someone who appreciates music and the contributions equipment and accessories can make. Often to the point of obsession, but the core is a love for and pursuit of the ultimate sound quality, which is different for everyone.  
My wife was preparing dinner while I was sitting in my listening chair spinning Miles Davis. She came in with a cutting board and some garlic and asked if I would chop some for our meal "since I wasn't doing anything."  I turned off the turntable, put in a CD, and helped with dinner. An audiophile's wise decisions don't have to be expensive.
@aewarren  Nailed it! While herself assumes I am doing nothing, listening mode is the only time I consider I'm doing something I want to do.