What's your chair ?

Recently due to a change in speakers, I am looking for a new chair for my listening room. My previous chair (the very comfortable Bentley chair and ottoman from Ethan Allen) affords me a height of 39" at my ear. I need to find a chair, preferably with height adjustment, so that my ear is more or less at the height of the woofer in my new speakers which is an unusual 42". Since this is an important factor in integrating the sound from my speakers, I was wondering whether my fellow audiophiles had any suggestions. Also curious as to what chairs you do use, since this is quite an important factor in our audio lives.
Well, I use my 13 year old Ekornes Prince recliner, and love it. Alas, it's probably not for you though because it's not height adjustable.

Good luck in your search.
Ekornes Stressless "President" model. This will not get you to 42" at the ear, however.
If you need a height adjustable chair, what about one those office chairs sold at Office Depot [or similar office stores]. They're can be really comfortable, swivel and have tilt backs, [don't fully recline, though] and with an Ottoman, you're "golden"!

Wouldn't you want your ears to be at tweeter or mid-range level, though?
Three side-by-side Ikea "Tullsta" armchairs, to accommodate three listeners. Gives me a floor to ear distance of around 38-40".
We're talking about a difference of three inches at the sweet spot. Unless you are in the very near field this is a very small difference in the angle from the speaker to you. A corresponding very small change in the front to back tilt of the speaker would compensate for the difference. If you like the chair I would start with tilting the speakers.

Just out of curiosity, what speakers are we talking about?
I have a "Perfect Chair Zero Gravity Recliner." It has a headrest, so, in theory it should not be an ideal listening chair, which should have a low back. But, it is very comfortable, and I really like the way my system sounds even when I use that chair instead of a low back barrel chair. So much for theory.
Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Love Seat.
Eames Lounge Chair & Ottomen, beautiful rosewood shell with soft black leather. You can spend hours at a time in great comfort.

Just a comfortable Barcalounger under a skylight. I call it Sunny and Chair.
A Lazyboy recliner with an old blanket draped over it.
A huge Lazyboy my sister bought for me to sleep in when my health is bad and I can't lay down. It is perfect because the back is so high it breaks up slap echo.
Playhard, I just picked up an Ekornes Vegas (large) and unlike my fellow Ekorne owners, I bought the 1.25" riser rings for both the chair/ottoman base. Being 6'3", I needed to get this chair off the ground which this extender ring accomplished. My ear height is exactly 42" when sitting upright. Better yet, the chair's back is narrow enough to allow the rear channels to do their thing. I picked up the laptop table attachment also. This chair wasn't cheap but it's the best chair I've ever had, both functionally and for audio. Hope this is what you're looking for.

Regards, Robin
Good question: Mine is an old maple rocking chair that my mom rocked me in as a baby. Hmmm -- music, childhood, bliss: Is there a connection somewhere?
Thanks for your response guys. Robin, thanks for the idea on the Ekornes with the riser rings. I am 6' (not quite as tall as you), but I believe that may work out. For now I've done some repositioning to get better bass response at my seated position with the same chair that I have (way too comfortable to give up, especially for long sessions). I have seen the Ekornes and they look good. Might just try this out.
"Eames Lounge Chair & Ottomen, beautiful rosewood shell with soft black leather. You can spend hours at a time in great comfort."

I second this advice. There is no chair more comfortable than the Eames.
I agree about the Eames chair. That's one tweak that will never leave!
Agaffer; although 'comfort' is a personal subjective issue; i would disagree with your statement;

"There is no chair more comfortable than the Eames."

if you added "to me", then i would have no issue.

my opinion is that from an objective standpoint; the most comfortable chair is the one that supports one's body the best. the 'Zero Gravity Chair', designed by NASA for space shuttle take-offs and landings, is scientifically the most supportive chair. chairs like the Ekones Stressless (i own three) and the Eames Lounge Chair; have foot supports that put undue stress on the spine as they do not distribute the thigh weight and lower leg weight evenly. they are certainly comfortable but not 'the most comfortable'.

Eames Lounge Chair

my Zero Gravity Chair

my Barcelona Chair 'knockoffs'......which i use for extra seating in my room.

i would be happy to do a 'sit-off' with you to see which chair would be comfortable for the longest time. Doctors perscribe the 'zero gravity chair' for patients that cannot sleep laying down. my particular chair also has visco-elastic foam that moulds to your body with heat. also the narrow headrest curves away from the ears whereas the Eames appears not to have a headrest, or if it does has a 'cupping' shape. the Ekones also has a wide back/head rest with a cupping shape.
Hi Mike,

My zero gravity "Perfect Chair" is being delivered today. Since you have had yours for so long- do you find that you can only recline to a certain point before the listening experience suffers? How far back from the full upright position do you recline?

The newer model is a little larger around the head area than yours (although it still doesn't "cup" around the head) so I'm hoping it will not have a negative impact. I ordered mine in the micro-fiber suede with the interactive memory foam. The micro-fiber suede should help in eliminating any reflections near the head area.

I'm hoping it is as comfortable as you say it is.
Hey guys,

So what's the brand for the zero gravity chairs and where might one find more info online. I'm not sure it would replace my eames as a design statement, but I'm all for better spinal alignment (and Spinal Tap).
Frank, congrats on the chair. i'm sure it will be very comfortable. as far as angle; i fooled around with that for 2 or 3 months over 5 years ago and have not changed it since. you will find a perfect angle that allows you to comfortably read or listen. although i can't tell you precisely the angle i use (you could estimate it from my pictures) it's where when my head rests on the pillow it is slightly back from straight up. when i read my head is just a small amount (less than an inch) from the pillow. then when i listen i rest my head on the pillow (mostly).

once you sit in the chair and relax a little you will wonder why all chairs aren't like this.....it seems so obvious. you will start to realize the comfort limitations of recliners that have backrests that adjust relative to the seat. why don't all chairs have this level of support. if you are ever particularly stressed; lean the chair back to horizontal and you will be amazed at the effect of relaxation it provides......truely a sense of zero-gravity. unfortunately, horizontal is not functional for anything but meditation or sleeping.

there is a leverage 'trick' that will allow you to easily get up from the chair as at first you will need to push yourself out due to the angle. you simply lean all the way forward, place your feet flat on the floor, and stand up. it sounds obvious but it takes a little practice.

first time users of the chair always struggle a little getting up (and really don't want to get up).
The Perfect Chair is made by Interactive Health and is available at several store and web locations. Just make sure you pick a store or website that offers all the different material, color, accessory, and memory foam options. Some stores offer the chair but only in fixed material and color combinations. I found Home Office Solutions to offer the best price, options, and service. Google "perfect chair" or "zero gravity" chair and you will have plenty of options.


Thanks Mike! Much appreciated!
Ekornes Stressless Kensington here. The back is really too high for obsessive audio, and I can hear the sound improve a bit if I lean forward, but oh the comfort! The Perfect Chair reminds me too much of a dentist's office...