What's your best 'Score'?

Story #1

Few years back at a neighborhood garage sale.Lots of wives at one of the first ones I stopped at. Big sale. I asked "got any speakers?"She pointed towards the back of the garage. "Back there, haven't put them out yet".Back in the shadows lay a big dark pile. I noticed first off a M&K sub with two 12" speakers.That's the only brand I recognized, besides a Sony CD player. There were 2 surroundspeakers, two tall mains, a turntable, and a couple other things I can't remember.
Didn't' recognize the speaker brand...something called B&W.
"How much for it all?"  "$160 bucks, but you have to take it all.""Done" I put a sold sign on it, and continued walking the neighborhood.An hour later I came back. Damn those speakers were heavy. I carried the surroundsout to my car. There were 3 or 4 guys who zoomed over to me, "Are you the guy whobought the speakers?". '"Yea, hey will you guys help me carry the big ones?" They started offeringme much more than I paid. "No thanks". What a smug ass I must have appeared.

"Do you know what you've got?"  "Not really, but I do own M&K equipment so I know I mademy money back on that alone." They just hung their heads.
Well, that's the day I started my audiophile journey. MSRP total for everything was $7,700.Wish I could remember the model numbers on everything. The main speakers were powered, I rememberthat much. Kept the sub. Cleared around 4K selling it all off.

Story #2.

8,00 square foot outbuilding. Filled to the brim. Took them a year to get to the first wall. 300 movie projectors, 120 short wave radios, 7 cars, you get the picture.So I'm 20' up the wall, standing on a precarious stack of boxes. I reach up above me and grab something small andheavy. It say Western Electric. My heart started pumping. Trying to keep my cool, I hand it down to the sellers. "Put if on the pile".  I bought the pile for $200. Sold the W.E 555 tweeter to a guy who flew from Korea to get it." $4,000.Then in broken English he says, "I have 100 of these now". That's $400,000 in tweeter? WTF?I looked him up. Can't remember his name, but his dad owns one of the top 3 Audio amp manufactures. Their amps start around 100K.
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- Thorens TD-124 Mk1 in EC...$0
- Dynakit ST-70....$0
- Dynaco ST-70...$50
- Merlin 3B+ speakers....$0
- Garrard Type A70...$0
- Stromberg Carlson ASR-120...$10
- Mission 770s...$0
- JM Labs Chorus 715 w/sub and rear speakers...$100

All working and currently in service.
Complete stack of Spec I and II.
Everything. 42 U Rack
2 power amps
Pre amp
EQ (Quad)
TT (Marantz)
Topaz Power distribution 
2 Infinity QL1
1 Infinity double sub..

Two PU loads...

Yup and Monster Cables, :-0 Oh yea

I just had to get it all out of a basement...

My neighbor, 30 years ago...