What's your best audio "find"

Several years ago I stumbled upon some old McIntosh tube separates at a garage sale: tuner, amp and pre-amp in mint condition for $50 each. I bought 'em, and I think it is probably the best deal ever. Can you beat it?
Recently a friend of mine introduced me to a power cord he had made in house from a particular Indian brand of electrical household wiring cable. That power cord terminated with absolutely el-cheapo $1 connectors handsome beat a Harmonix Studio Master XDC, Kubala Sosna Fascination, Audience Au24, couple of Shunyatas, and quite a few well known power cords hands down. I tried that basic cord in my system and holy cow, music was never so fluid and real in my room before this.
Thankfully those wires are available in the local stores here, I went ahead and purchased a 90 meter roll for about $50 and made power cords for my entire system (I still have more than 50 meters left), I only spent on better Wattgate connectors. My system went to a different level of performance just by this basic wire. If I were to achieve the same level of refinement and performance from branded cables, I am sure I would have to spend in excess of $5k only on the power cords and still I may not be done with it.

This is a permanent solution as I would have to never worry buying expensive power cords for a new equipment on my rack in future. I am planning to add Oyaide connectors to it soon.
Pani - would you be so kind as to share the details of this cable, including the specific brand and any other info required for construction of these power cables? Maybe we can then track down possible sources for experimentation with it. Thanks in advance!
while in Florida {Pensicola} I went to the water front mission and found a mint condition Kenwood KT-8300 tuner for 20.00 bucks.
Hi Bill, while I can tell you which wire it is but it is only available in India and that too in specific stores. They are a well known cable brand in India called Finolex and they make high quality cables for household and industrial purposes. Out of so many of their models, my friend experimented and found out one particular model which he liked the most and gave us demo. We are a small group of Audiophiles based in Bangalore and we all loved it.
You said that it was available "here". Is here the United States, or are you in a foreign country ? If it is in the United States, I think Bill K was asking what the model was, and where it can be bought.
What's your best audio "find"

Did we get off the subject?
Pani, I found the Finolex website. Please provide the specific model you are referring to.
Auricle Audio "Encore!" Kapton ICs. Best find for me because they are so affordable, with lengthy trial period, and better sound (IMO) than much more expensive cables. Plus, Joe was excellent at replying to my needs and great to work with.

i can't top bromgard, but i've made a few decent garage sale/craigslist scores, most notably:
carver the receiver 2000 w/remote: $15
pioneer elite dv-59av: $30
80s hk integrated, tuner, turntable and cdp: $10
adcom gfp535ii and matching tuner: $20

i'm still looking for that $50 macintosh gear....
i can't top bromgard, but i've made a few decent garage sale/craigslist scores, most notably:
carver the receiver 2000 w/remote: $15
pioneer elite dv-59av: $30
80s hk integrated, tuner, turntable and cdp: $20
adcom gfp545ii and matching tuner: $20

i'm still looking for that $50 macintosh gear....
In the early 1990's I purchased a pair of large vintage Tannoy speakers at a tag sale, for $20. I sold them shortly afterwards for $1500, which was about what they were worth at the time. Their main value was in the drivers, not the primitively designed cabinets, which undoubtedly compromised the sound that the drivers were capable of.

-- Al
A mint pair of Marantz Model 9s with original boxes, manual and performance cards for $2500.
A mint pair of Marantz Model 9s with original boxes, manual and performance cards for $2500.
Nice, Ron!

During the same period in the early 90's that I mentioned in my previous post, I also found (through local classified ads) near mint pairs of Marantz 2's and 9's, for about 1/3 of the amount I ended up selling them for. Both were all original except for tubes.

Most likely because of some aspect of their condition, I couldn't get the 9's to sound quite as good as I would have expected. The 2's, though, were definitely among the better sounding amplifiers I have ever heard. I'm still kind of kicking myself for selling them, although they were not quite powerful enough for my purposes (especially in triode mode, in which they sounded best), and they were worth too much to hold onto given that I wouldn't be using them most of the time.

Best regards,
-- Al
Auvio interconnects. Sold at Rat Shack $16.95 per 1 meter pair. Unbelievable soundstage and very neutral. What's not to like...30 day return if you don't like!!
1. Radio Shack "Fusion" cables (precursor to Auvio's mentioned above), loose on rack with paper tag for $14.95 - that was only about half price, but they sound better to me than all the other ICs I have on hand, some costing 20x more.

2. My brother's Thorens TD150 MkII collecting dust in his garage - FREE.

3. Radio Shack Auvio cables. Like Md Mike, bought some these too and they are very good for under $20.
Hi Al, I thought my pair of 9s sounded good though I didn't listen to them very much. I was always afraid something might go wrong with one of the amps or they might accidently become damaged. I sold my 9s for four times what I paid, but of course they dramatically went up in value shortly after selling. It's the story of my life with stereo equipment.
Has to be the SM-70 Pro amplifier by Monarchy Audio.

IMO, Monarchy probably builds the finest amp you can find for your dollar.

With the SM-70 Pro bridged/used in balanced, mono mode, you'd swear you were listening to a pair of $5000 monoblocks if you had not hooked them up yourself!

- joe @ auricle
Behringer Truth B2031A HIGH-Resolution,Active 2-Way Reference
Studio Monitors $360.00 THE BEST BUY IN AUDIO.
I am another happy Auricle cable user. I have Auricle Silver Kaptons in my system, and they are very smooth for a silver IC. My custom SE integrated excels in female vocals, and the Auricle Silver Kaptons do not have a hint of sibilance in my system. These silvers are detailed and musical, a very hard combination to find. These cables are very balanced once broken in. Bass was too heavy at first but improved after 50 hours.

The Kapton Silvers are Auricle's best cables to date. I also own Auricle copper ICs which are excellent as well.
I don't think anyone can beat Tbromgard's haul but for me the best "find" was my KEF Q90 speakers from Craigslist. I had a pair of Athena LS300B speakers that weren't for me. I stumbled upon the KEFs by accident on CL. I paid $160 for the pair and they were in MINT condition. I just had to drive 25 miles away from home to meet him. No issues @ all and the guy even had the original boxes and packaging.
Morrow cables SP-3 bi-wire and PS audio AC-10 and AC-12.
Best in terms of pure value may be the mhdt Constantine DAC used for $350 or so.

Its SS rather than tube so it seems to fly under most peoples radar but is a giant killer IMHO. My digital with this compares quite favorably even to some of the best vinyl systems I have heard.

Roku Soundbridge for $129 new at Best Buy a couple years back may be the best investment in sound overall I have made, especially combined with the mhdt DAC.

Also, Ipicked up a pair of OHM Super Walsh 2s (100S3 drivers) for $600 used here on agon a few years back and that has been another giant killing cornerstone.

DNM reson ICs for under $50 also a fantastic score!

I know somebody who picked up a pair of OHm Fs for free that turned out to be in good working order. Can't beat that!!!
Modded gear by TUC
Morrow SP-4 speaker cables and Morrow MA-4 interconnects with silver Eichmann bullet plugs. They have transformed my system sounding much more musical, realistic, and emotionally engaging.
An Audyssey MultiEQ Pro with professional install kit for $515 on EBAY.
While doing some cleaning here at work, we ran across the following:

(2) Crown D150A power amps, (2) Crown IC150A preamps, (2) Tandberg TCD 310 cassette decks, (2) Dynaco FM-5 tuners, a Technics SL1300 and a Revox A77. All completely mint.

They were all headed for the dumpster, so they're mine for free. The question is what to do with them now...aside from the Revox ;-))