What's yer favorite tubes?

What's your favorite tubes in any application? Tell us about your tube rolling successes?

(I dunno, I just thought this would be interesting)
Fee Waybill in concert :--))
Sylvania 5751 triple mica blackplates made the most profound difference over any other tube in my setup. Heaven can wait.
The Sylvania 3 mica black plates have become famous (I think mostly due to Joe's write-up on AA) and they pretty much live up to the hype in my Jolida JD100 cdp. However, I almost prefer the GE black plates - depends on my mood. Both are excellent replacements for 12AX7s. They have convinced me to get more tube equipment! The GEs are a little more accurate than the Syls and seem to have a tighter bottom end. The soundstage has fantastic 3D imaging compared with new Sovtek and EH 12AX7s.
Aball, I enjoy the GE blackplates as well and currently have a pair in my bedroom system's little Jolida hybrid integrated and a several more in a drawer for spares. I've also enjoyed the Raytheon 5751 triple mica blackplates, which are different than the Raytheon double micas with the distinctive propellor getter. They're a bit tighter than the Sylvanias, meaning not quite so lush, but they present an equally involving sound.