What's wrong with my system?

I have a Krell KPS20il CD/DA/Preamp that I am using as my preamp direct to a Pass X350 amp.
I have my DSS sat dish and Sony DVP9000 dvd player both hooked up to the digital inputs of the Krell.
Everything sounds great, except on a few DVD's played through the Sony and a few DSS stations, also. I get what sounds like loud jitter static and no music sound on these few exceptions mentioned. Why on just a few DVD's and a few stations(the stations are like Showtime 1, Starz 1, but all the other Showtime and Starz stations are OK)? All other stations and DVD's sound great!?
I have tried both the coaxial and toslink digital inputs of the Krell with the same results.
Thanks for any suggestions -
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I read your last question on this topic and really have no ideas on what is wrong.I don't want you to think your being ignored, so all that I might recommend is to try to remove one of the sources at a time and see if the problem clears up. If it does, then at least you know what piece is causing it. If it does not then maybe the problem is related to the preamp digital input section. Just a guess. Good luck. I think if others knew what was wrong, they would have posted to your other thread, also.
I would see if you are getting the jitter problem at the same spot on DVDs...since its happening on 2 sources, and since you have tried replacing the cables, I would be looking at the preamp as the culprit. I bet there is something going on with the software running the Krell. There seems to be only 1 possible way to trouble shoot, and thats to take the Krell to your dealer and hook it up to their gear and try to recreate the problem. Good luck, and by the way...NICE GEAR!!!! I want your amp.
I don't know anything about your DVD player or your Satellite receiver, so this is a bit of a blind guess.
If these two players work with some DVDs and channels, I would think your cabling, etc are okay.
My guess is the sources that make the noise are triggering a different output in your players. In other words, stereo goes out the digital port but "special stereo" goes out analog ports or something to that effect.
It's also possible the Krell can't process that "Special Signal" either due to incompatibility or defect.
I would check a working DVD against a non-working one and see what the difference is in the audio coding.
Maybe you can turn off that "special audio" feature in your player and receiver.

Good luck!