What's wrong with my ProJect 9.1?

I'm running a 9.1 with a Slee Era Gold V and Dynavector 10x5. I'm quite dissapointed in the sound - My cheap Cayin CDP sounds much better, while vinyl is lifeless, dull, highs are rolled off. I've tried my phono stage in my friend's system and it sounds fine, so by deduction the problem seems to be the cartridge or setup.

Does anyone know how to adjust the VTA of this table?
Are there any suggestions for other carts that will match this table and its carbon fiber arm? I'm thinking of moving up to a 20X but any other suggestions are welcome.
I've got a mmf 9, and I would imagine the vta adjustment would be the same for the 9.1. On the mmf 9, you adjust the vta by loosening the two (2) Allen screws on the back of the pillar that supports the tonearm. Instructions for doing so are contained on page 11 of the instruction manual that came with the TT. Check your manual to be sure it's the same.

BTW - - I've been totally satisfied with the sound/performance of the mmf 9 for the past (almost) 3 years - - - very fine "turnkey" TT at a good price.
Mike, Are there any loading settings? Pls try other settings if you have it. How old is your cartridge? Do you use anti-skate and how much?
Loading settings? do you mean on the Slee phono stage? none that are located externally at least. The cart is relatively new, maybe 200 hrs. I've set the anti-skate to the middle (of 3 possible settings)
Yes, on the Slee. I am not familiar but most phono stages have some kind of load settings. Any possibility ro check the manual? Sometimes they are located inside
Try not using the anti skating weight. I have a Pro-ject 9 and it sounds way better without that weight. I'm using a Dynavector 20XH to a Musical Fidelity phono stage.. Try checking if the table is balanced. I feel if the table is set up right you won't need the anti skate. It could be the VTA or your cartridge is to light on the record or both.
Just so you know, nothings wrong with my Pro-ject 9. I have got it all down right and sounding good. Thanks for everyone's help.

08-29-08: Zeal
Just so you know, nothings wrong with my Pro-ject 9. I have got it all down right and sounding good. Thanks for everyone's help.
So what'd you do? How did you fix it? It didn't sound very encouraging when you first posted.
Mikeyc8, try these...

1. Check your VTF (ignore the dial on your tonearm, if any, use a decent VTF scale). Excessively high VTF will cause a cartridge to sound as you described.

2. Reduce or even eliminate antiskate. Excessive antiskate sounds almost identical to excessive VTF.

3. Clean your stylus. Magic Eraser + dry brush. Nothing else.

4. Double check your cantilever alignment (not cartridge body alignment) using a good protractor.

5. Fiddle with VTA, though I doubt that's the main source of the dullness you described.
hi Doug, Thanks for the tips, they're all good, but I upgraded my 10X5 to a 20XL and it now sounds great! Guess their entry level cart just didn't do it for me. The guy who sold it to me diplomatically described it as being "polite" sounding, guess that should have been the tipoff.