What's wrong with my DVD player?

I own a Denon 2910 DVD player. It has worked flawlessly since I purchased (new) it. The hours on it are very low. The other day while watching (it's not the DVDs, cleaned them, happens in different parts of the DVD etc) a movie the picture freezes and then goes back to the beginning. Happens over and over again. The picture quality, however, is excellent. The longest playing time before a picture freeze, has been 10 minutes, but it happens more like every three or four minutes. Is there anybody who has had this experience with the 2910 or any other player? Thanks in advance. warren
Did you try disconnecting the power to reset the unit?
I'll give that a try and let you know.
Didn't work... I also forgot to tell you: when the picture freezes there is a little 1/17 that highlights in the upper left corner of the picture. The picture stays frozen for about 5 seconds and then resumes to the start of the movie. go figure.
Try going into the setup menu in your Denon and turn the multiple angle feature "off". The picture is freezing at the parts of the movie where there is a flag for multiple camera angle and it is tripping up your display if using a digital HDMI connection to your display. You should be able to see the camera icon at the point where the picture is freezing when using an analog video connection. Let me know if this works. -jz
Yup I agree it may be tell you there is a scene that can be alternated so turn off feature.
I have seen this happen before with other DVD players that had over-heated. Is the unit well ventilated? Or is it stacked with other gear giving off heat, or crammed into a narrow space/shelf ?

Secondly... are you playing DVD-R's ?? Maybe it is having problems reading some of them.
Johnz/Chadnliz, I'll try that tomorrow. Just got home from dinner and I'm beat. I hope I still have the directions as far as getting into the set-up menu. I'll let you know. thank you...warren
I agree with Sugarbrie that it sounds like it could possibly be overheating.

Don't assume it is not just because it sounds too simple.

I also agree that burned DVDRs can also be harder to read if some players get too hot.

The second link about a Pioneer player is right on point.

You guys were dead on. I don't know how I did it, but there was a button on my hand control that said angle, but no prompts came up on the screen. But, after playing around with it for a while: pay dirt!! Thanks so much

Warren, I would not blame yourself. Sounds like a glitch with the player (all of them). There is no reason it should do that.
That's awesome. Glad that did the trick.. the same thing happened on my brother's Denon player and he got lucky in figuring it out and passed the fix on to me. -jz
cool...you be da man...
Well, I spoke too soon. It's not working. The angle thing just doesn't cut it. What appears (momentarily) in the corner is the chapter and section of the movie. Then back to the beginning. It was going a bit longer before the freeze/back to the beginning thing. BTW, why would my DVD player possibly run hot, if it hasn't been doing that for the past 4 years? It's not on long enough to get hot before the freeze.
Doh! Not sure what else to suggest in your case, other than your laser pickup may need cleaning or the disc(s) may be defective. Have you tried the disc that freezes in a different player? I'm having an issue with a 96/24 DAD title not playing in my Sony DVD player. I have tried two copies of the same album and both skip and freeze badly. I have a hunch there was a problem in the manufacturing run for that title. All my other DVD's/cd's work fine..Still awaiting word from the dealer on a refund. Bummer.. -jz
I tried a bunch of DVDs. They all feeze than back to the beginning. Sometimes the movie can go as long as 10 minutes, but most of the time we're talking 3. Crazy. Thanks again for trying...
You know what, I wonder if there could be a bit of grit or dirt stuck in the mechanism that moves the laser. If the player stops at the same place on different discs.. It might not hurt to try opening the unit and vaccuming/cleaning the track that moves the laser. Worth a try? -jz
Different spots each time. Could it still be some dirt? Hey, it can't hurt to try. I hate to send this baby in for service when it is problably something simple?
Im dealing with the same problem on my Integra universal player,just took the cover off,also had to remove a small metal cover to get to laser and gears, and cleaned the tracks and laser,and a couple plastic gears,,,,it was pretty gnarly in there!it is playing cds again,,something it has not done since the DVD problem started,im going to the library to pick up a couple DVDS to try ,will report back later!
Well, your air idea did the job. I left a DVD on for an hour and no freeze and back to go. I think that did the trick. After I get a few more DVDs from Netflix, I'll know for sure. Ray my man, nice to see you on the 'gon.
back to square one. time to find a service center. I know this is going to cost me for an easy fix, but what can I do...

I thought you had it that time..Use my wifes method, just shake it!! Your probably right, something simple that they are going to overcharge for....Good luck.