What s wrong with Krell HTS?

I'm looking to buy an A/V preamp for music and HT and I noticed lots of used Home Theater Standard's for sale at attractive discounts. Is there something wrong with this unit? Is ths Proceed AVP better, easier to set up, etc.?
Most Hi Fi nuts, myself included, always upgrade to the latest and greatest preamps. (or speakers or amps or whatever) Krell has decided to completely redesign their KAV line. That includes the HTS and all of the KAV amps. More important, the HTS now has several new features to go along with the new look, including an analog bypass. So, yes, everyone is running to dump their "old" HTS's to upgrade to the "new" HTS's. One more thing, ALL of the KAV amps are being discontinued..ALL! That includes the 150, 250, 250a/3, and the 1500. They are not being redesigned, they are being dropped, so you will also see alot of these amps going as well. They are making a new 5 channel HT amp only with more models to come later this year. So it's gonna be 1 5 channel HT amp and all of the other amps will be FPB. Hence the quick rush to sell.
Thanks for the informative response. What are your thoughts on the quality/musicality of the KAV amps. Regarding the HTS, an analog bypass should have been a prerequisite for a $6K Pre- don't you agree? Seems Krell took an inferior approach to their HT(KAV) products on now they're regrouping.
I have a Audio Video Standard and FBP 300. I use a Wadia 22 CD transport and Pioneer DVD player as a transport for HT. I think that the AVS as a DAC/preamp sounds really good. The original AVS's come with a Bypass mode although it isn't a true pass through (the amp will convert an analog source to digital). I don't have that problem though because I only feed it only a digital signal. I don't think you could go wrong with one, especially at the used price of $5k - $7k. I have listened to many systems over the years and only have heard better systems (both HTS and music) that cost many times more than what you would pay retail for the Krell combo. Paying used prices only makes it that more attractive.
I have an original HTS and after looking at "upgrading" to the newest version, have decided not to do so. Too much price penalty for not much improvement. Only bypass was meaningful addition. According to Krell, who I discussed this area with in depth, performance was identical, future upgrades are to available for both units, size and finish are cosmetic. No reason to change unless one is afflicted with the "got to have the latest model fever". I have my HTS in a high end HT Sysem and couldn't be more satisfied with its sound. Sometime frustration with software surfaces, but ALL processors have some software idiosyncrities. Good buys at present on old HTS's
Incidently, Irv Gross of Krell's Sales and Marketing Dpt., sent me a recent email stating their official policy on warranties on used equipment sales. All warranties on products mfg after 1-1-2000 would flow to subsequent owners if original purchase was made from a licensed Krell dealer and copy of original sales invoice accompanies the sale to the new owner as proof. Some Krell dealers have been stating that only used Krell products purchased from a Krell licensed dealer would maintain original warranty. This is misleading statement and not Krell's warranty statement. I would be happy to forward a copy of this recent email to anyone requesting it.
The old KAV stuff sounds great, they are still currently the best sounding amps in their price range. The comments by Sabertouch are true. There are few differences between the 2 HTS's. As far as the software issue, call Krell and get the latest Eprom. It's free and all of the bugs have been addressed. Both my old HTS and new one had the same software eeprom and both work glitch free.
Not impressed with krell sound, but to each there own. The older krell is nice. The new kav stuff really sounds sterile. I think you can do better for less. IMHO