what's wrong Arcam FMJ cd33?

I have read a few reviews and most are very positive. One reviewer ( Hi-Fi Choice) gave it what I would call a very poor review, saying it robbed the music of it's life?? Doesn't mesh with the other reviews.. Then I have also read that the FMJ 23 may have been better also that Arcam came up with a replacement rather fast considering the FMJ 33 has not been out for a long time.
I listened to the CD 33 a couple weeks ago and almost bought the unit, sounded great but of course the dealer had it plugged into a mega buck system.
IMO, it's difficult to make a judgement buying a CD player..maybe more than any other component, not unless you can take it home before you buy..
Having heard this player, I don't think there is anything wrong with it at all. I have yet to hear anything I like better in its price range, though I readily admit digital source preferences are quite individual. But rob music of its life? No way. In at least one system in which I heard it, that is a description I would use for the much more expensive Meridian G08, but not the Arcam.
Did you ask the dealer if you could check out the demo over the weekend??

I also saw this, HiFi Choice has had a number of odd reviews. I was looking at an Arcam diva 192 and listened to it in comparison to the FMJ 33 and just couldn't leave the 33 behind. It was so musical and involving. The music really expanding out into the listening room and I heard super detail. I found the Shunyata Aries interconnect a very good match.
I got the CD 23 from a local dealer for a trial period of about three days a few years ago and was immediately taken by its sound. What you are saying is true for any component: you have to hear it with your system, in your room and with your music. Good luck.
CD33 is discontinued as far as I know. The new model is CD36. http://www.arcam.co.uk/prod_fmj_CD36_intro.cfm
Newmanoc and Davt..thanks for the info and your response.
The dealer is about 100 miles away and I may not have a chance to get over there for awhile. He was very helpful but I couldn't see asking him to let me take the unit home since I lived so far away.
I have somewhat learned to read "between the lines" when it comes to reviews on audio products..just couldn't figure out the Hi-Fi Choice review, did they have a bad unit, was the reviewer having a bad day? Bad associated equip? Who knows.