What's with white stains on new vinyl?

I've been noticing that on a fair amount of new LPs there are white streaks/stains near the outside of the LP (typically over the first track or two).

They don't clean off and are sometimes audible, sometimes not.

Anyone else notice these and/or know what they're from?
Discussed earlier this year.

See here:

This was discussed in the Phonogram listserve recently. Apparently, RTI experienced an INTERMITTANT problem with a chemical reaction coming from some of the record sleeves that leaves white marks on the LANDS, not in the GROOVES. After finally figuring out what was causing the problem (apparently a frustrating search because it was so intermittant), they've switched to a 4mil poly sleeve that they believe will cure the problem.

FWIW, I have dozens of RTI pressed LPs and have yet to see this on any of my LPs, which is probably just an indication of how intermittant this is. (I do note that your LPs may or not be pressed by RTI.)
I recently purcased 4-5 pressings from Analogue Productions that have these stains, but I cannot detect any sonic impact.
White stains on Vinyl? Must be one horny puppy at the packaging plant!
Dear Madfloyd: I have some LPs with that " trouble ", the last one Hugh Masekela one. In none of those LPs that " trouble " interfere with the quality performance and that's why I never ask or send it back to my LP's source.

Now, if like you posted " are sometimes audible " then my advise is that you ask fo send it back.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I started a thread on the phonogram email list a while ago about this:

There have been some problems at the RTI with a patch of inner sleeves that they received from their long-time supplier. The glue that holds the plastic in the paper sleeves leaked through the plastic and causes the white marks on the vinyl.

It should not affect the sound, however if the other thread is correct about white-stuff accumulating on the stylus, I would think this is a problem. Also, I am worried about long-term effects on the record. Finally, this will seriously lower the resale value of affected records (some original Blue notes with similar stains went for $40 instead of $400.)

There is almost no point contacting the dealer where you bought the records, as most likely all the LPs in stock will have the same problem! I have about 7-8 Music Matters and AP titles that have the problem. At $20/LP I probably wouldn't complain, at $50 I am more than annoyed that RTI doesn't institute a recall of the affected titles.
I see these stains on products from many different studios. I think 30% of the LPs I purchase have this. Last one was from Matador records.

Not sure it's the same problem as the Music Matters, but I'll check that out since I have a few of those LPs that I haven't opened yet.
Here is thread with a picture of the white marks I find on Music Matters, AP and some Cisco LPs (all pressed by RTI):

Audioasylum thread with pictures