What's with the odd pricing?

Is it just me, or do other AG members scratch their heads when people attach bizarre prices to their ads, e.g. $2,127 or $643? What's up with this? 

Who knows? But $650 is no less bizarre than $643. Still, unusuall yeah.
How about $643.99 ? Prices like that really get me scratching my head also!
They did get your attention, didn't they?  I think that's your reason right there.
Well I sometimes sell other than mine products therefore price actually will have the id of vendor provided me product.
Let's say that Mr. John will have each of his product ending with 37. Here's my weird price pups up like $659.37
I've posted ads like that, it's an attention grabber.
Sure, I could post an item for $700, but $692.68 gets a lot more attention.
I even get emails asking me how I determine the pricing. LOL!

Heck, look, you even started a post on the forums about it!!
Nothing is odd if its a good deal.
Thanks for motivating me. I just relisted my ad and put in a weird price with a twist ending like all those suspense movies. Cheers,

PS: Bruce Willis is dead the whole time. 
PS: Bruce Willis is dead the whole time.

Ah man, now you spoiled that movie for me Spencer!

That was a surprise ending, I was expecting the 2 at the end. ;^)
Good luck with your sale!!

I figured out Bruce Willis was dead in the first 5 minutes. Made for a boring movie.

Sometimes I put odd prices in because I'm bored.

True. True story, I was once at at intersection in a not wealthy part of town. On one corner was a 99 Cent Store. On another corner was competition, a 98 Cent Store. On a third corner was a 98 Cent Store. True.