What's with the many volume variances with streaming, and how do you deal with it?!

Hi, Gang........Gosh n' Golly Gee !Some songs are really loud, and some very quiet in comparison.What's a fella to do?!I am using Qobuz, though apparently, this is an across-the-board dilemma.
I should also offer that I'm using a First Watt Sit-3, which puts out 18 watts per channel, and driving Cornwall IV's.Ear bleeding levels can often be achieved, but on some tracks/albums, with volume maxxed out*, it is substantially lower. * My streaming DAC is an Auralic Altair G1, which controls the volume, offering a numerical display, topping out at 100. Is the 'simple' fix to employ a more powerful amplifier?I am very pleased with the sound of these components.I look forward to your replies.......Thanks!

Do you have Roon?  It has a volume equalisation thingy. I think Bluesound does too. 
The volume of songs on Qobuz can be all over the place. The main reason, IMO, is remastered versions of albums; ie, The Loudness Wars. OTOH, some original transfers have been digitized at a lower volume, many of these older releases had lower gain to begin with.

With classical recordings the dynamic range can be so high that the pianissimo passages are barely audible, then very loud in the forte. This is by no means a complaint, I’d rather have music that is not compressed. Some folks like to use an AGC (automatic gain control) option.

Thanks for your response....I do not have Roon.  Perhaps I didn't clearly state my bigger issue is not so much the levels being so inconsistent, but rather, that I cannot get enough volume out of the more quiet offerings, hence my concern regarding amplification. 
You don’t need a more powerful amp. Your speakers are 8 ohm with a sensitivity of 102dB, very efficient. The fact that some songs are loud proves you have a good amp/speaker match.

Try using the analogue output of the Node and plug the RCA cables into the Pass. I assume you use the DAC to control volume. Use the volume control on the BluOs app and compare with the volume going through the Dac.
Warning...Start with very low volume on the app.

Me no got Node!
I am using an Auralic Altair G1..........and it is indeed connected to the Pass amp via RCA cabling. 10Q