What`s with the Hyperion HPS 938

Last year when the 938 went on the market , one rave review followed the other ,everybody seemed to be amazed with the level of performance this 4k speaker delivered. But the last months ,more and more stories appear of people hearing the 938 and dislike them very much.
One guy bought them for 1500usd but returned them after a trial home!!!
Or Steve Rochlin and companions are deaf or there is something really strange going on.
One of the biggest mistakes online posters can make against their fellow audiophile consumers is to hype product value. We've all seen it in spades on this board and others. How many times have we read comments such as this... "For X price these speakers are a steal" or "I don't know how the manufacturer can sell these speaker for this price?" or "So and so's speakers are worth 3x the price" or perhaps this one... "Joey D's X92 sounds better than speakers costing $25K."

Well guess what guys, these manufacturers aren't stupid and they read these boards with gusto. Small shops often times undervalue their products to get a foothold in the marketplace and rely on idiots like us to promote their product long enough create high demand and before you know it prices double. I can think of example right off the top of my head that followed this exact scenario and now every speaker in their product line-up has nearly doubled.

Be enthusiastic, but be smart for God's sake. Don't buy into the trap.
On another thread I read that production in China is causing problems with the quality.
Perhaps some speakers went on the market with productionfaults.
Ecclectique, the 938 extends lower in the bass than the Response 3. It's much more transparent too and gives better depth.

I've had a different type of experience with the HPS 938.
I thought the sounds were OK for the money, nothing great, but what I'm griping about is the company's service.
I contacted the sale's manager (West Coast), regarding a replacement for a bass module. First he gave me a price quote only to retract it later and said that it was a typo, it was for one, not a pair like he first quoted. Then he said he was doing me a favor and gave me a 20% discount, then renaged that offer and said that his "boss" would only authorized a 10% discount.
I was fed up with the company and dumped the speakers for a loss, but IMHO, I think that support from a manufacturer is too important for this manufacturer to behave in such way.
Take McIntosh for an example, I needed new KT88 tubes for my MC275 and contacted them, got them in 3 days ($400 in cost) for no charge and no question asked. That's why Mac has been in business for 50 yrs. I'm not sure if Hyperion will be around after next yr.
Just my 2 cents.
I think the Hyperion are very transparent, they deserve good electronics.
If people try to make them work with cheap components the result will not be good despite their qualities.
They match nicely with Tact electronics for exemple.

I know no speakers as good in their price range, btw i compared them with more expensive speakers like BW802 (not the S) and Dynaudio C2 and prefered the 938.