What's with the buyers these days??

It seems that recently more and more buyers.. well just suck. I seems to be that more and more people will make an offer that I accept and then I have to email multiple times to get them to pay...
When I get that question first hour, I always respond that I'm not ready to lower asking price yet.
MRVORDO - I think the WORST question I get is "What's your lowest price?". Really? The ad has a price and a Make Offer button. Why would you ask someone that?

Welcome to car business, people do it ALL THE TIME :-). Most of them don't buy anyway, they just don't know what else to say.
Essential, that's exactly what I do. Ask them what they have in mind, or suggest that they just make an offer and see where it goes. Most of these people though never respond in anyway at all after their "how low" question.
I have been on this over 15 years now ...and it has changed a lot. It used to be people bought pieces enjoy their music with and enjoy talking about the hobby, now it seems how low can I buy it at to flip it and make a profit on it.
To the question "What's your best price" my answer is fairly simple: "I've listed it at my best price. I'm not interested in negotiating against myself, so please make me a reasonable offer and I'll consider it"

Seems to help weed out the tire kickers..