What's With Pallas And Warped LP's??

Is anyone else having trouble with new vinyl that's being pressed at Pallas in Germany??

I had to try THREE different times to get a decent copy of Wilco's Summerteeth reissue - and it's still not great, but will probably suffice.

The other day, I got Sara Watkins' solo LP on vinyl, and it is horribly warped.

Maybe this has something to do with Nonesuch's quality control of their vinyl and not Pallas? Or maybe the bonus CD's shouldn't be stuck inside the album covers??!

If anybody else is having the same thing happen, please chime in!
I've been through 3 versions of John Coltranes ORG Crescent. The second LP has had problems 3 whole times. First, all 3 times the second LP was cut off centered or something. My periphery ring would not sit flush all around the disc. First LP was fine, but all the times problems with the second disc.

Then on the 3rd replacement, first cut on side 4 had 20 seconds of revolutionary ticks.

Anyhow, deal with a good online retailer and they make sure you get taken care of. Elusivedisc have been nothing but great about the exchanges and seemed just as determined to get it right for me as I did.

Yes, Pallas definitely seems to be having problems recently. Even many problems reported with the Neil Young 4lp Box set that came out recently.

This is completely different from earlier experiences with Pallas pressings. They have always been perfect and top notch before. If I knew that a LP has been pressed in Pallas, I just assumed it would be perfect and that held true until recently.
The guy in charge of quality: retired, got laid off, quit, with new management his job was retitled with a 50% pay cut, so why would he care anymore,
they ramped up production because some front office jackass thought too much time was being wasted in the cool down process, and so the Lps are pulled off the stamper too soon and warp.
The dude making the LPs is paid by the piece, and so to make an extra dollar an hour he has speeded up the machine and damn the customer.
The machines are now manned by Turkish immigrants who do not speak German and look REALLY mean, Try telling THEM what to do..
The front office is telling them to speed up because the demand has risen, and no-one working there anymore has the balls to tell them NO.
Any or all of these are the reason, and perhaps others


Does Nonesuch know anything about this??

If they're getting everything pressed at Pallas, this is a really serious problem!
Well the 180g LP's in my Neil Young box set are all flat, very quiet surfaces and sound great. Wouldn't surprise me if extra QC was demanded for Young's records though.
Well Tobes, good for you! I guess Neil Young stipulated that no filthy immigrant hands ever touch his LP's! Aryan hands only!
All kidding aside, I've had trouble with ALL of the respected "audiophile" labels...
And all pie in the sky scenarios aside as well, I do think the universal demand for an ever increasing bottom line makes diminishing returns inevitable!
I have found the more 'boutique' labels to be very consistent with excellent quality... Water Lily, Third Man, and such..
Pallas was considered the Holy Grail, that in itself may be the problem too, all it takes is a handful of Vinyl "gurus' proclaiming on there review sites/magazines/blogs, and the new vinyl converts stampede, like lemmings, to your door, cash in hand...
Possibly demand for their product outpaced their means for quality productions, perhaps the reason is not as dark or sinister or bleak as we may believe?
I find myself enjoying my original pressings, re-issues, and thrift store finds equally these days...
Oh, and those Water Lilly pressings? They 'sound' great, but the music ain't my cup of tea!
I recently bought the Nonesuch issues of Allen Toussaint and Pat Metheny. The pressing are virtually perfect - quiet and flat - and the prices are great. No complaints here.

Are you talking about the Metheny 3LP Tokyo set?

I was thinking about exchanging it for that, but if I get another warped product from Nonesuch...