What's With My PS Audio Power Plant Premier

 My PPP won't turn on even after hitting the circuit breaker button on the back.  Any suggestions?  Ed
Is the circuit breaker in your home service to the power receptacle feeding the PPP untripped?

If your power might have been interrupted, have you pushed the logo power button on the front?

When you reset the circuit breaker on the back of the PPP does it make a clicking noise?

Don't be insulted by the obvious nature of these questions, but these would be the first things to check.  Make sure your power cord is in tight also.

If you do get the clicking sound then the regenerator is off line and you'll have to return the PPP to Paul McGowan and company for repair.  My PPP regenerator did go off line a few years back but I received great service from PS Audio.

Please get back with answers so we can troubleshoot the issue.

Good luck!!