What's with all the Sony 5400ES units for sale?

I figured this unit was one hot item, if you read reviews and owner comments. So why do we see so many used players for sale? I've read that the break-in time is quite long, and maybe the satisfaction quotient makes folks give up on it too early? Or maybe this player isn't really the cat's meow we all hear about. Any thoughts?
Folks have made the same comments about the PS Audio Perfect Wave transports and D/As. Got rave reviews but there are a bunch for sale. But perhaps that's bexause PS sold a lot of them...

BTW, I'm not sure you can find a digital ripping alternative to SACDs, which still require a player like the Sony to utilize.
There are a lot of Merlin speakers for sale recently. That doesn't mean they are not that good. The stock Sony is a good piece. It's not perfect. SACD playback is very good, RB is a step down. Buy one and send it to ModWright if you want to hear something special. Wow! Best move I ever made.
I bought two, had one modied ed by VSE. Spectacular!
I'll be putting the second up for sale.
....Suggest you try a different hobby. One less stressful, like knitting.
had a good laugh reading this suggestion! :-D
It just failed to catch on as a 'Cult' classic, so it's time to move on to the next 'Giant Killer'. In my opinion it just looked tooooo SONY.