What's Up Wth Ultimate Audio Magazine ?

They still have a working number but only v/mail which is never answered. Same routine with email. Are they out of business,on the ropes or what ? BTW they also renewed my subscription without permission and charged my c/card. Not happy at all about that. Yes, I have disputed charge.
I've been wondering the same thing. The last issue I received was Winter 2001 - with Talon Khorus on cover. I've tried to find out what was up from them but no response.
as near as i can tell, after reading all sorts of posts on aa and here from "reviewers," the presumed publisher/owner and other apologists, the OFFICIAL line is: "no, we're not out of business, the next issue is at the printers, but you may not receive it for a couple of years-- so just be patient, have faith and keep sending us money (as much as you possibly can)." my translation of the OFFICIAL line: you may still get a wee bit of moisture on the mirror if you hold it close to the nose but this is as close to a corpse as you'll likely encounter without a coroner's tag on its toe. -cfb
I spoke with one of the reviewers from Ultimate Audio and he said that they were affected by tha Sept. 11th. tragedy, but they hope to have the next issue out around New Year's.
yep, there's another version of the OFFICIAL line. once again, ultimate audio's reviewers make pollyanna appear as a wretched pessimist. -cfb
Sheesh.... renewing your subscription on their own, billing your card without your permission and not acknowledging ANY inquiries from subscribers. Sounds like a downward spiral at ever increasing speeds. I would step back lest you be drawn into the whirlwind and spit out like the other debris that they will leave behind. Then again, i am not a subscriber nor have i ever desired to be one. Too much "glossy paper" and not enough "substance" for me... Sean
E-Mail Lisa Astor at stereophile - isn't her husband Myles the editor?
Don't "punish" or "barrage" Lisa with email for her husband's business associations. That would be like someone having a "discussion" with your wife simply because you cut him off in traffic. Not only is nothing resolved, things can escalate or get ugly. Guilt by association is NO fun for anyone. It is always best to deal directly with the source and let everyone take responsibility for their own actions. Sean
Dearest Sean - I was only thinking she may be able to clear up any problem that the magazine may be having to delay it. You are getting a bit touchy on this needlessly. I am not upset that it is not arriving on time -many of these high end publications come and go or experience delays or buy-outs that force changes in delivery.
I hear ya. It's just that i HATE getting stuck in the middle of situations that i have no control over. No matter what you say or do, as a non-participating middle man, all you can do is say nothing, make matters worse or drag your own reputation into the mud for trying to stick up for your friend / spouse / relative. It's hard to "shed light" when you are not directly involved as Lisa is. Sean