What's up With VTS?

I've tried to reach Andy at VTS many times over the past couple months without success. Does anyone know what's going on? Is VTS no more?
Is VTS no more?

I am sure that if Andy was closing the doors, something would have been mentioned on his site and there is nothing.

he does get busy as its a one man operation and he is always on the phone....plus trying to get orders ready.

he might have taken a vacation.
I realize he's a one-man operation, but I've never had trouble contacting him in the past and he always returned his missed calls. I've been trying to contact him weekly for months now. I have doubts that he pays much mind to his website. Something isn't right.
I spoke to him 2 weeks ago and ordered some tubes. There was a period of several weeks with no answer or voicemail. He said he’s extremely busy and my tubes wouldn’t ship for 3 to 4 weeks; it’s usually about 7-10 days.

I know he goes on buying trips for a week or two. It would be nice if he posted this to the website. I've noticed the inventory on his website is updated at regular intervals.

The best way to contact Andy is with a phone call. E-mail is not very effective. I never have trouble reaching him and he returns calls promptly unless tube hunting or vacationing.
I purchased tubes from Andy three weeks ago and talked to him yesterday to order more. He was away for about a week on a tube buying trip but other than that I’ve had no trouble getting ahold of him. I’d recommend giving him another call. As others have stated, and is noted on his website, email responses could take weeks. Like his tubes and audio gear Andy is old school and does business via the phone but he’s been my go to guy for tubes for years and is the best IMO. Good luck!
I understand his business model and have been trying him by phone - figured that was made clear in my second post. When one tries each week for a few months, usually at least twice in a given week, and still can't make contact, what is one supposed to think, the guy is just on one super long vacation??? Guess I'm just extremely unfortunate with my timing everytime I call. 
I'm pretty sure he doesn't have call waiting. I've made calls where the phone rings & rings,  and when I call back later he'll answer.
I know, not a great service for the customers, but he's worth the wait.

Yesterday when I tried calling multiple timee, hours apart, it wouldn't even ring. The dial was followed by a brief silence and then a disconnect with a "line busy" notice. I get that he's old-school but would a voicemail be asking too much? Maybe next time I should send a letter by horseback.
but would a voicemail be asking too much? 

do you know how many voicemails he would have ?    
You complain that he doesn’t answer the phone now , well having to listen to a a lot of voicemails would only make things worse for him and customers.