What's up with Vinnie Rossi L2i SE?

A lot of them (particularly given how few units were manufactured) are popping up on the used market at a significant discount.  I was told he's discontinued them and his new lines will start at $30k and up.
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I owned the L2iSE and it arrived new with operation problems,  returned for repair and was supposedly repaired, but original problems still existed plus new issues...there was no refund offered, but thankfully the dealer exchanged for another brand.  I liked the sound especially with the Tak300B tubes, but for the price QC is sadly lacking.
I have a L2iSE and with the Tak300B tubes, it is amazingly musical, beating many high quality separates. It has been 100% reliable. Best I know they sold many of these units (very popular with most who heard it at dealers) I was told that the Rossi company sold out of the units and used the funds to retool for their next integrated that is planned to be almost 10k more in price. I was told that once the new units are out that anyone who purchased the L2iSE will be offered to trade in at the full price they paid (if purchased within last year) toward the new model. I am planning to keep my L2iSE as it truly within my system and room is the best sound I have ever experienced in 30+ years of experience, plus 10 year warranty to original owner is much appreciated. In my opinion anyone picking up a unit at a discount price is getting a true bargain. I would assume dealer demos would come with full warranty.
I also think more of these sold than the poster may believe. So many glowing reviews across the board and it’s right there in a pocket of sound, design, options and price point that is an appealing combination for people. There will always be ‘that moment’ timing with a piece where a number of owners feel the need to get out of it for their various reasons. Also, transferable warranties or not seem around 50/50 in the industry.

I own the L2 Signature Preamp since its launch (2+ years ago) and play it for 5 to 10 hours almost every day, without a single hiccup.