What's up with the new PS Audio Amp?

I have not heard this amp, just read the review in this month's Stereophile. Class A rating but bad specifications. I know bench measurements are often divergent from the golden ear tests but this is about as different as I've ever seen.

Anyone actually heard this amp?
See the other big argument thread already going on this subject. "Typical McGowan Sound"

It's just passed onto page 2 of this section. Huge arguments over this amp, and specification sheet. Don't really see all the big deal about it myself.
Benchmarks mean very little. There is lots of great gear that does not compare well against the "Norm"; which tells you something about the Norm. In other words, if it does not compare against the Norm, maybe it is a lot better than the Norm. It does not have to be worse.

A lot of Einstein's school teachers assumed he was stupid because he was not normal.

Benchmarks are a marketing tool more than anything; or a way for a tone deaf persons to design audio gear.
Just another SS amp.
That's all and nothing more......
"just another" SS amp doesnt get this much attention.
Could be worse, could be just another noisey, highly colored and just artificial sounding tube amp, right :)