What's up with Ridge Street Cables

I have a pair of Alethius cables here on sale which are very good but haven't had many bites on my add
Has Ridge street fallen out of favour

Perplexed ??
I don't mean to be rude, but were the Ridge Street Cables ever "in favour"?

With so many cables on the market and all cables being system dependent, how can any cable really be "in favour"?

Just asking.
I think they are a fantastic cable
My only reason for selling is I've downgraded and gone off the grid

Have a listen to the cable and draw your own conclusions

Thanks for your opinion
Ridge Street Audio cables were a popular small boutique brand back a few years ago. I have owned many of Robert's cables and cords myself, and yes, they are very good. However, from my understanding, even if Robert is still in business, which I am not sure that he is, he has been laying low for the last few years.

When the proprietor of a small boutique company goes into retirement or hiding, the resale value of their products suffer. It's just the nature of the business. Not that RSAD ever had great re-sale value, but the pieces I have seen for sale lately have been way over-priced. Not for the quality of sound that they deliver, but for their place in the market. After all, the market determines what a product is worth, the market is fickle, and likes to be entertained. When the manufacturer stops entertaining the market, the market shrivels up and eventually dies.

You ad is a good example. Maybe you could have gotten $500 per cord several years ago when RSAD was still actively marketing themselves. Now that they have fallen off the face of the audiophile world, you may only get $600 for both cords. The market has dried up, sorry. I still have a Poiema!!! Signature cord from Robert, and it is a very good cord. I am not currently using it, but I would never consider selling it because I know that I would not get the amount of money in return that the cord's value has to me. I have a pair of interconnects from another small boutique manufacturer that I won't ever sell either, for the same reason.
Thanks for your honest and worthy comments
I may just keep them as they are very good

You are welcome Pat. I would be interested in hearing them, since I have owned many of Robert's cables and cords, but I never heard any of his copper cables or cords. I even owned an Alethias! power cord once, but it was also the silver version. All I've ever owned from RSAD was silver. Robert didn't start using copper until the Alethias, which was near the end, when he seems to have disappeared.

I currently own way too many cords as it is now though, so though I am interested in how the copper would sound....I'm not that interested. LOL!! Good luck with your sale, or just enjoy them.

If they are silver, and are heavy, perhaps you could sell it as bulk silver instead of cables. To have unused equipment just hanging around doesn't make sense to ME.
Stringreen. You can never have too many different cables.
Good for comparing and future needs.
I have gone back to cables i made 25 years ago. Reterminated them and happy as can be.
PLENTY of audio stuff worth keeping around.
Cables being #1 of all. Since they are so easy to store!

I would NEVER sell off cables..
LOL!! Sell a power cord that list for $1500 and is worth $400 used as scrap metal for like $75??? Now THAT doesn't make any sense to ME. I think it's worth just holding on to in case of emergency. I have already been through a major downsizing, who knows what the future holds? If I have to sell off some of my current cords that I am using, I would be happy to have the RSAD cord to fall back on. It still finds it's way into my system every now and then when I am in between cords.

Then I guess you would not approve of me having extra interconnects, speaker cables, cartridges, tubes and other stuff lying around unused either, huh?? I currently have five pair of speaker cables, but I'm only using one pair, that's gotta drive you nuts!!! LOL!!
Thanks Guys
The plan was to sell them if I could get fair value for them otherwise I wil insert them elsewhere into the audio chain or put them into my second system

My power cords are the cu version Alethius
once I heard what they sounded like I didn't care to find out the specifics on material or design I plugged them in and was a happy camper
I agree, you can never have enough power cables or cartridges for that matter.
I still own three of the Alethias power cords. I went through a phase a while back where I was inserting lower cost but high performance cables and selling off the higher priced if I found I wasn't sacrificing much in sound quality. I tried a couple of lower priced, highly regarded power cords and ended up selling them because I was not willing to give up the difference that the Alethias provided. I am glad that I still have them. They really are excellent cords.
Yep, they used to make good cables. I would keep the cords and enjoy. JMO.
@Csmgolf, do you have the silver or the copper Alethias cords.....or both?? If both, how would you compare them?
I have the copper versions. Never heard the silver version. I'd love to know how they compare as well.
LOL! Oh well, I was just curious. As I said earlier to Musicfile, I've never heard any of Robert's copper cables/cords. The only Alethias I ever owned/heard was silver, just as all of the other RSAD cables and cords I've owned.
Ridge st is down the tubes!!
I'm also trying to sell an extra pair of IC's that I have. I really like them. I would think if Ridge Street is down the tubes then there would be a market for their used cables since new ones can no longer be purchased.
10-17-13: Jimmymac
I would think if Ridge Street is down the tubes then there would be a market for their used cables since new ones can no longer be purchased.

Well you may like to think that, especially since you are trying to sell some of their product. Unfortunately, in the real world, that is not how things work. People tend to shy away from products when customer service becomes a question mark. Also, since the company no longer advertises, or puts the products name in the public eye, that also drops the value. There are always a few exceptions to every general rule, like classic designs (Magnan Vi), but RSAD cables are more the norm, not the exception. All you have to do is watch how they move on Audiogon to know that. The market will tell you what their value is, and unfortunately, that is not a good sign for RSAD sellers (though it may be a good thing for RSAD buyers).