What's up with Red Dragon Audio?

         I was surfing a couple months back and checked out their website. Everything is "sold out". I signed up for their newsletter,nothing. I sent the them an email,nothing. Did they shut the doors? Anyone know if they did indeed cease operations?
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They closed their doors about six months ago.
  Sorry to hear that. It looks like they made some nice stuff.
People always beat on things to find the lowest price.

Sometimes that low price is unsustainable.

And the business ends.
 One thing I’ve learned in my 56 years is,price isn’t everything. When I shop for something, value is what I’m looking for. In other words,quality for dollars spent. Sometimes a great value might cost a little bit more. 

     Red Dragon has NOT gone out of business!
     I sent an email to Red Dragon asking the same questions about a month ago when I noticed all their models were listed as sold out.  They replied stating they're coming out with an all new upgraded MKIII lineup of amps at the end of this year.   Here's a copy of their reply:

Ryan Tew <[email protected]> Mon, Jul 22, 3:17 
to me
Hi Tim
We are working on an entirely new MkIII generation and hope to have them ready later this year.

Ryan Tew President - Red Dragon Audio

Hi noble100,
    Thanks for that info. I'm glad to hear that!  I guess my email must have fallen between the cracks. When I'm ready to pull the trigger on another amp,I will definitely be checking them out.

Hello rocray,

     No problem.  These could be very good amps if they perform even better than the previous generation.  I'm looking forward to reading some reviews on these in the near future.