What's up with Onix Rockets? Just heard about them

I just bought Paradigm 100's and the CC. Now I'm reading that Rockets are better for a lot less money. What do you guys know? Should I be worried?
I havent heard em...but there are quite a few smaller, esoteric speaker makers that offer tremendous value and superior sonics...they do take some time to "sniff out" though...good luck...one is Green Mountain AUdio...which their entry level monitor..the Europa...simply shames the Studio 40 in my estimation....
its all how they sound to you, not what a person says on the net.
if you like what you got dont worry, its all subjective
I read about but haven't heard them. They have a quite loyal following. They are sold internet direct only. There is a site called audioenvy.com were owners of product from several speaker and sub companies that aren't readily availible in b&m store can register to open their home to fellow enthuisists to hear these products. I saw a thread somewhere that there are four print publication reviews on Rockets coming out in the near future.
The Onix Rockets are the successor line to the highly acclaimed Swans Diva line of speakers. The Divas (notably the Diva 6.1) got a lot of favorable press and reviews for their performance and price points. Developed a large following too. Due to certain legalities the Diva was redesigned and redistributed. The Rockets look similar but specs are different along with the new tweeter design (acclaimed Vifa tweeter) and a nicer look overall.
Swans/Divas are still availible from The Audio Insider their previous distributer AV123 has its own line now which is Onix. The Onix line is Rockets and Refs with Stratas and a couple other lines I can't remember on the way.
My friend actually got a package with the Rocket RS750 signature line with surrounds and center, hooked up to his HK receiver and Denon DVD player. I did not like the sound at all, but I was assuming it was because of his equipment. He read about all the reviews about it beating the Paradigm Studio 100v2s, but I read the review and was not the best side by side comparison. I wanted to hear how the rockets really sounded, so I hooked up my Arcam A85 + CD92 and they sounded nice and tight, but now very balanced. Lack of bass with the ear piercing Vifa tweeter. Can I say ear piercing again? Guess if you like that sound then great, but not for my ears.
The 750's were ear piercing??? I have heard them called laid back, lush and such... but never ear-piercing. I don't have the signatures but mine could use a little tweaking in the treble before I would call them bright by any stretch.
yes, ear piercing is something new...warm, lush, and smooth i've often heard but those words are not exactly similar to ear piercing...750s are also known for their tight bass...it's possible the lack of bass Br ninja heard was due to lack of break in? not sure...

bottom line is as long as you like what you hear with the Paradigms, chalkme, then that's all that matters.