What's up with Joida stuffs from Hongkong?

There have been tons of Jolida JD100s (and probably the amps too)from Hongkong on sale much cheaper than here. When I emailed Jolida USA they simply said that they don't have any dealers in Asia.

So is the Factory in HK (or China) just make more of them and sell directly to stores in HK? I know that Jolida hires them to make the JD100.

Could someone shred some light on this?

Aside the topic, how reliable are the JD100? I was incline to order one from HK, but one CD skip would offset all the saving.

I live about 20 minutes from Jolida's HQ and own a JD100. I love it - worth every penny! But I bought it via the net from a dealer in CA for a lot less than they wanted at Jolida! I asked them at Jolida HQ about the asian amps and they told me the amps from overseas are less well built, BUT I did some research and found their amps are all built in asia, so I think they were just trying to sell to me with no discount. I was "in back" of their HQ. They do repairs there and some assembly, but no construction. Also, when the Hong Kong dealer was selling on ebay, his seller ratings were very good. I still dealt with the dealer in CA (not as cheap, but I was just more comfortable). He included a tube upgrade, too. Hope this is a bit helpful.
Dave M
I can't shed any light on your intriguing story. It does sound like a flourishing black market. I have had a Jolida 100 for about a year now. The only thing I think of to watch out for is leaving the earphone volume on unconnected. That can burn out a triode. Other than that, you lucky guy, buy one.
Its China product now, like other brand Consonance, Original, Shanling.

I have ever audited Jolida top tube amp model, sounds reallly good.

JD100 is good cheap ones, skipping problem is the quality control issue. Ask dealer to cheeck before ship.

I always do this before sending mine overseas.
The Jolida uses the same transport as CDPs costing three times more, and is not likely to skip any more than they. I am amazed the Jolida company would let this profit hemorrhage go UNCHECKED.
All the HK units I see on eBay are 220V units - is the conversion to US 110V pretty easy?
Biggest ? is whether Jolida will stand by amp w/warranty an dor upgrade service. Others on this site have had significant problems with "gray market" units.
110v or 120v version can be offered, but perhaps need bulk order in the first place.
This is a kind of strange, I think.
If Jolidathe factory viloate the licencing agreement with Joilda to produce a black market units?

It's diferent than Music Hall/ Shanling (MMF-CD25?) as they sell them under thier own Shanling brand, not Music Hall.

Anyway, I have nothing against this.. as it's probably between Jolida and the Factory. Only thing I am concern is would it be able to get a service (whether from Joilda or other repair store) at all if the unit is bought outside USA.

This is happening with Nikon products. Nikon USA refuses to do any services on grey market products. The owner have to find thier own repair store. Would be big deal to repair some advance Nikon Model (like F100 and F5).

I meant to say if the factory makes more of the units and sell them in the black market, wouldn't the factory violate the licensing agreement that they have with Jolida? As it's obviously that Jolida hires them to make it (as well as Lau?).