What's up with HDCD?

Which companies still making HDCD software? What are the prospects for this format?

Some of the cd players I've been looking at are HDCD capable. Reviews of the HDCD sound are good but I'm sure Sony would like for HDCD to go away in favor of SACD.

Any opinions?
I'm pretty sure HDCD will be around for awhile. It Seems like one in every ten cds I buy these days are recorded in HDCD. I just picked up the new Johnny Cash greatest hits. Guess what? It's HDCD.
Microsoft bought HDCD and are charging a lot more for licensing fees therefore some companies such as Krell have stopped adding it to their products. It is an improvement in sound quality even without a decoder.
Microsoft has adopted HDCD encoding algorithm standard for PC sound, but Pacific Microsonics owns the technology.
An HDCD decoder in any machine will make even 16 bit CD's sound better still. Then once you get involved in the 20 bit HDCD discs, at no greater cost than stock discs, you'll really have to question making the jump to SACD's limited offerings at $25 per.
Microsoft bought Pacific Microsonics. They own it all.
How do you know if a disk is HDCD when you buy?
Does it have to have "HDCD" mark on it or on the cover?
Some don't have the logo on the cover. Some have it on the back and some have it on the disc. I have one that doesn't have a logo anywhere but when I place it in a friends player, the players HDCD indicator comes on.