What's up with AudiogoN?

AudiogoN is one of my favorite web sites. I have been a moderately active buyer and seller, and have learned a great deal from the forums. Recently, it has become "clunky". Slow or no downloading. Click on an item and get a blank page. I'm sure others must be having this problem.

Is someone from AudiogoN listening?

I'm not having any issues and I check AudiogoN from multiple different computers on multiple different networks. Maybe I'm just luck?
No issues here, runs full & fast.
adeep42,  Try using another browser or check with your internet provider about the speed set-up for your computer,  If you continue to have problems, send me an email to [email protected], Attn: Tammy
Works fine for me too.  Also, I know there are complaints from some users about it being "non-intuitive".  From my perspective, it's much easier to navigate and search on than a certain asylum or circle.  
"Ending Today" functions in a totally random fashion for me.  Sometimes multiple pages show up, sometimes none.  Click on something else and go back, and a different number of pages shows.  Work through them sequentially, and it usually stops short.  Sometimes clicking Next gives more pages than clicking by number.

I had the same problem the OP had and more … if I clicked on the “For Sale” ads and scrolled down and then clicked on an ad I wanted to view … when I exited it would return me to the very beginning or top of the page as if I just clicked on … same thing with the forum … if I scrolled way down to the older posts and clicked on to read … when I exited that post it would return me to the very top of the page … also had slow load … no load and this page can not be displayed issues  

There is nothing wrong with Audiogon it was a very Malicious Malware program that took over my computer and was causing all the problems  

I run full scan Anti Virus program once a week and Vulnerability scans about every two weeks .. nothing ever showed up and no threats were ever detected  

I called the GEEK Squad who service my computers and they said I had the mother of all Malware infection … they cleaned it up and now everything is running fine  

Malicious Malware programs can easily slip by all anti virus programs and not be detected in a full scan … they can also do a lot more than cause your computer to run slow  

If you don’t have Geek s Squad or a comparable service to work with … the OP may have to buy a Malware program remover on line and run it to exercise the nasty Demon  

But I don’t believe there is anything wrong with the Audiogon site … I think the OP has a Malware infection that needs to be addressed

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twoleftears's issues seem more like mine. I think the biggest issues are from the home page. I get those problems a lot when I am clicking on a featured listing. By the way I use the latest version of Safari where Audiogon is bookmarked 2 ways. My internet download speeds are greater than 100Mps. 
No problems here.
@adeep42 - try running Malwarebyes free version and see if that doesn’t clear up your problem. Just pay attention when the installation is finishing to uncheck enable trial version before completing or it will pester you to buy the program after 14 days. Before you scan make sure you check for updates.

Good Luck

There is a big difference between viruses and malware. Honestly now there is a lot more malware than viruses in the wild.
seems like every member's account is different in setup. mine requires me to log on to forums and for sale items separately each time even if the password manager is active.
I second the recommendation of Malwarebytes...
No problems here in Chrome or Edge.

If you're running an IE version below 11, update it. Microsoft doesn't support anything below 11 anyway. If you're running IE11, make sure it's not in Compatibility View or Enterprise Mode (Tools menu). I've seen problems with those on certain sites.
It’s fine on Firefox, lately I’ve been here almost every day. Malwarebytes might not cure your particular issues but it is the real deal.
What about other websites?
Culprit found. I use current Safari version. Have Firefox as well. Problem was Kaspersky Internet Security which I use only for an occasional scan. It's part of start-up and sometimes I forget to turn it off.
Running ok from New Zealand.  Windows 10 / Chrome.
No problems here and look at it everyday from new listings to ending auctions . Older PC windows XP . Now about the hum in my TT that is a problem I am having and can't fix.