What's Up with ATI?

I've been looking into 7 channel Home Theater Amps and ATI seems to have gone missing after 2008. ATI seems to have stopped development of Home Theater Processors before HDMI was forced upon us. ATI bought B&K. Any ideas as to what happened to ATI?

That leaves Emotiva renaming the Sherbourn PA7-350 as the "New" XPR-7. The Sherbourn name has been dropped.

ATI made the AT2007 a fully balanced-differential topology.
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I'm not sure what your intent was in referencing Emotiva, who for all intents and purposes haven't done any better with processors having released 2 UMC's. They've failed with Sherbourn, TacT and thus far the XMC-1, now over 2 years late with no release date in sight.

I've been wondering about ATI's takewover of B&K. It looks like classicaudioparts.com is still selling ATI B stock.
If I had to guess, ATI's main focus is to keep producing rock solid amplifiers under their name and for others an OE mfr. How many HDMI preamp/processors have hit the market in the last few years with glitches out the ying/yang? Too many to count.

The website is now working properly this morning.

Others outsource the production of their amps to ATI. ATI as said above owns Theta Digital. The Casablanca is Theta's preamp/processor and their universal CD/DVD is the Compli Blu.
There's a phone, fax and email number on their web site, which is showing a 2013 date. What kind of result did you get when you called them before going online and casting aspersions?

phone 323.278.0001
Levchappy, I really don't understand your goal with this post. It is trivially easy to simply call ATI before posting about them. I called ATI and got Jeff on the phone at 8:15 local time. He tells me that they're introducing a new range at CEDIA and business is better than ever. I've also noticed that Theta continues to have a lot of activity, at least at my local dealer in Berkeley.

My concerns are two-fold: 1) I publish a page dedicated to American Made Audio http://windhaming.com/american-made-audio-list/ and like to have accurate information - I have ATI listed under Theta as an active concern. and 2) I consult for a number of small manufacturers and unfounded posts that question the ongoing existence of a business are poison to a reputation.
I'm not sure what your intent was in referencing Emotiva, who for all intents and purposes haven't done any better with processors having released 2 UMC's. They've failed with Sherbourn, TacT and thus far the XMC-1, now over 2 years late with no release date in sight.

Not going to argue with you on your larger point but I don't see Sherbourn as a failure. By most accounts, their PT-7030 seems to be a good pre-pro (if you don't want auto room correction), and until very recently, a 7-channel amp was included for the $1700 asking price. That deal is gone but the price on the pre is now $999. Price-wise and performance-wise, it seems to fill a pretty good niche.
Hi Folks;

Actually, I tried hunting current ATI amps and their webpage seemed out of date. I called Monday and eventually a nice young lady answered. I was put into a voicemail and hung-up.

I heard they are a great company with great products. As some of you pointed out I just could not wrap my feeble minded brain around the fact that such a reputable company has not updated their webpage or given any new information in what seemed to be a couple years.

After all, they supposedly built gear for Levinson and I believe Krell, etc.

Last Monday, the ATI website stopped functioning. This is why I started this thread. To learn if any of my smarter friends new anything. All I can see is that B&K offers similar multichannel amps as did ATI such as the AT2007.

Lastly, we own the Emotiva UMC-200 Home Theater 7 channel pre/pro and it an extremely nice performer, with great audio output.

Thanks for responding.
Fair enough, and thanks. I'll leave others to comment on the specifics, other than to say I had a pre-ATI B&K amp that was great for the price, and a post ATI Theta unit that I also loved.
Is ATI the evolution of SAE audio from the 70's? I still have an SAE 2 channel amp in my setup, though now relegated to powering the zone 2 speakers...
they are good people over there at ATI. I used to work at a place where ATI was an OEM for. With respect to talking to them, they are very busy, the guys building the amps are them same ones doing repairs. They make amps for a number of companies, so the techs are being pulled in 15 different directions....
I called ATI the other day asking them about their outdated 2-year old web page regarding B&K components. My question was to ask if they plan to do any sort of design or manufacturing of a new HDMI preamp-processor like the former B&K Reference 70.1 unit. The answer was simply, no. Sort of a bummer to hear this. Interesting and confusing as to why someone would buy the remains of a defunct company like B&K and kill it off or mothball it, or maybe just to make use of the some of the designs?, who knows. The two times I spoke with ATI, they were very nice on the phone, and seem to be very knowledgeable of course. Why leave the BK components site out there, weird.

There are still a few of us B&K owner-fans our here who still really enjoy the sound of the B&K high current dual-mono reference amps. My old Pro10 stereo preamp still works and sounds amazing too! Oh well, was hoping for some kind of updated HDMI preamp-processor to from ATI or something with a B&K faceplate look to it. Hahahah, wishful dreaming I guess, sounds like it will never happen. See ya B&K.
Did you ask the ATI rep if they are still mfr'ing B&K amps? My understanding is that they will produce B&K amps to B&K specs. I can understand ATI not doing the B&K pre/pro thing but not to shut down B&K amp production all together.