What;s up with all the Lector 7TL upgrades?

Has anyone noticed that the infamously back-ordered Lector 7TL has gone thru many changes in the last few months.
In September I heard that the MK II would be available.
In October the unit had become the MK III.I just got my new Music Direct catalog in the mail and noticed that now there is a MK V available in November.
Does any one know what happen to the MK IV?and why Lector is changing model #'s so fast?
Just curious?
Well the number four is considered bad luck amongst superstitious Chinese and Japanese. It is quite common for manufacturers to skip that number now.

No idea on the rest of the post.
The # 4 must be bad luck for the Italians too!
I believe the Lector is made in Italy or maybe Lector is out of Italy and the product is made in the Far East
I know how many times can you make revisions in such a short period of time without audiophiles questioning one's design capability.
Was it that bad to begin with?
Then they made it a little better,then we made it even a little better,now we think we have it right?
I have to believe that with a product that has a reputation for being back-ordered and problamatic,that the manufacturer should have taken a little more time before putting out 3 different revisions in a 2 month period.
Us AudioGon/Audiophiles deserve a little more consideration
and respect for the time we wait and the money we spend.
I have to believe this has to hurt the retailers out there too!
2 channel/redbook players are tough enough to sell these
days without these kind of issues.
Maybe someone can tell me is that why Lector can only be purchased via Music Direct?

Any thoughts people?
Hiernote, your post is incorrect, and I thought you would recall the earlier thread where the distributor responded to questions.

I sense there are some misunderstandings or perhaps some other reason for your posts. Maybe we should get acquainted, so feel free to call me at your earliest convenience. I'll be happy to speak with you and answer your questions and concerns, to clear up any misunderstandings and provide accurate information about Lector products.

The thread in which you refer gave some vague explanation as to the MK II to MK III revision, apparently due to the Burr Brown 63/20 bit chip no longer being available.
The MK III was to now use a 24 bit dac.
This still does not explain why Music Direct is selling the MK V(check their catalog)
I still say why now a MK V and what happen the MK IV?
Perhaps one of the earlier members may be correct that the # 4 is bad luck and actually never was produced.
Please feel free to share the explanation with all of us.
The Music Direct catalog does indeed show a MK V unit.
I believe it is a typo.
It is unfortunate that this has occurred to a product that already has been known to have distribution issues due to availability.
I do not believe retailers should scorn members who have questions and can bring such info as this to the general public.
If the Distributor/retailer and not an Audiogon member was on this
issue this thread could have had some positive results.
We the audiophile/general public see,read,listen and buy.
The industry needs to proofread,build,distribute and provide proper information in courteous manner.
3 cheers for Audiogon and the educated consumer.
Hiernote, are you on a mission? Did it ever occur to you it's a typographical error?
I beleive member Audiobuzz did a pretty accurate job describing my "mission"
I would,however,not use the word mission.
I would have used the word "truth"
I still believe that a Lector retailer,distributor or Music Direct should have caught the TYPO before the thread escalated.
With Lector(changing distribution,history of back logged product and rapid dicontinuation of product,(there was actually 3 revisions of the original 7TL) a Typo seemed a bit less realistic as a new model.
I am pleased that MK II/MK III owners need not be concerned with a MK V version in the near future.