What's under your Classe Omega, or other big amp?


I have a Classe Omega amp - the 250 lbs. Stereo version. My system is in the basement, thus berber on pad on concrete. So far I have it siting on the carpet.

I'm thinking points to replace the amp's feet, then direct on the carpet through to the concrete. Or, on a piece of butcher block (or some hardwood) or granite. And the granite or wood flat on the carpet with the pointed amp on top. Or points under the wood or granite as well.

Any thoughts or suggestions? What are you using?

I had Target builld an amp stand specifically for my Classe Omega power amp. It is spiked and built well. I sent dimensions and turn around time was short.
with the included large couplers seems to work better for me than Aurios MIBs. The music with the Symposium sounds more dynamic & fuller. With the Aurios, the music sounds lighter and a bit more transparent. My amp is the Ayre V-3 with the feet removed.
Good luck.
Oops.......I meant with the Symposium Super Plus Platform.
I have used a number of items under my Krell monoblocks, both individually and in combinations (bearings, spikes, amp stands, vibrapods, etc), and, in my system, just heavy brass cones/feet perform the best. There is more seperation and air around elements within the soundstage, and a much tighter focus to the sound. Bearings had less air and the elements in the soundstage were less dense; vibrapods were even less so.

As with squidboyw I have tried stands and other devices, but under my 200lb Krell amp I use brass cones. I have been very happy with the results.
I've tried ton's of things under my BAT VK75se. Home made maple stand, then with Symposium Roller blocks, DH Super cones and squares.

What worked best was a custom made Sound Anchor Stand. Really cleaned up the sound (more detail-focus), lowered the noise floor, extended the bass. Cost me about $250 I think.

Now, I do have a Symposium Ultra stand under my TT. I'll second what Ipy said. They are pretty good...
Nrchy, Squidboyw

I'd like to try the brass cones. Which cones would you recommend?


My listening room is also a basement setup like yours except I don't have a pad under the berber. I don't have an Omega but I do have a pair of 301's. They're currently sitting on amp stands that have spike feet. Coupling to the concrete pad is the way to go.
I use Sound Anchors stands under my Levinson stands.Under each amp is a half inch piece of glass and then about 10 Vibrapods between the glass and the top of the stand.
Sound Anchor stands can be custom built and cryoed if you want.
That's a tough question. I had my cones, and those of squidboyw machined for me by an associate with access to a CNC lathe. I supplied the brass and he did the work. I used 2 1/2" brass for the latest set. Do you have access to anything like this, or to a machinest?
Thanks, Nrchy. I don't know a machinist but I'm sure I could find a shop around if I needed to go that route. I checked on the web and it looks like I can get some Audio Points made to order. A set of 4 for $140 doesn't sound so bad for an experiment. Maybe I'll give these a try. Having the spikes directly mounted to the amp seems like it would be an improvement.
Sound Anchors, & Osiris "Giza" Amp Stands.
Sound Anchor amp stand for my Krell 700 CX.
As I thought, a few different methods are used. The points/spiking seem to be a common method.

I've decided to start with my speakers first, then my amp. The speakers are EW Andra, the original model. Using their stock spikes, things are a bit loose, but when I took off the spikes, and left the threaded post on, things seemed more solid and clear. When I removed the threaded posts that the spikes screw into, putting the flat bottom of the speaker directly on the floor, things became less defined and a bit muddy.

So, I will try Audio Points, and if success, I will upgrade to Sistrum platforms under them as well. If neither of these work well for me, I may try sound anchors under them.

I believe the Audio points and sistrum have a money back guarantee, so I will try that first. Perhaps sound anchors do as well - I need to check.

At any rate, I think I need to finalize the speakers first. Once that is done, given the success or lack thereof of the Audio Points/Sistrum or Sound Anchors on the speakers, I will try those same options on the Omega amp.