What's under your amp?

Interested in hearing the importance (or not) of isolation platforms for amps. Check my system, you'll see I've got my Cary's sitting on top of my cabinet, which is a custom piece made of solid cherry. Very solid, but I'm wondering if maybe the cabinet is introducing vibrations up into the amps, and maybe I could use some help from a platform?
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The ROCK, I have 400kg rock from my garden, find it is fun for the amp and look great. My amp is too heavy one of custom build rack could not support, and I did not have budget to buy an expensive stand...so that "rock" kind of working out for my system.
Target amp stand here
Amthanh, that rocks! Pun intended. I actually prefer to put my stuff on slabs of maple whenever possible. What is under the cabinet? My situation is such that my listening room sits on a concrete slab.
Try a Sistrum SP-3 or 4. Call Robert at audiopoints.com. I have his SP-101 stands under my VAC 220 Monoblocks and love what they did to the sound; it cleared up the noise and increased the resolution. Robert recommended audio points under my VAC 2.0 PHI preamp so I tried them too and was absolutely amazed how much better every thing sounded. Money back guarantee doesn't hurt either.
I completed assembling the basic combination of support elements that Pierre Sprey of Mapleshade Records recommended just a few years ago. Most of the ideas are still current on the website.
My Cary SLA-70Sig amp has three of the latest generation of Ultimate Triple Point V.3 beneath the amp. On each output transformer is a Small Heavyhat Triplepoint. I use a Virtual Mode D'Bag on the power transformer (the Large Heavyhat Triplepoint is on a Sonographe SG-3 Turntable wood plinth surface). The sound is helped by these weights.
The Ultimate Triplepoints V.3 pierce directly into a Clear Lacquer Mapleshade two inch thick maple block 24" x 28".
Beneath the maple block corners are four IsoBlocks, each consisting of a stacked pair of triple-layered [ribbed rubber/cork/ribbed rubber] vibration absorbers.
To say this combination approach of Pierre Sprey favorably transformed the amp is an understatement.
Aurios Pro MIB lie between my amps and Zoethecus amp stands.
Can anyone here explain what the mechanism is that would excite something inside a ss amp that vibrates because it is not "isolated"?

Is it not besides the point to use a platform when air-borne vibrations will strike the amp nonetheless and, assuming there is a mechanism that somehow affects the sound coming out of it, cause problems?

Why not build a concrete shelter in the backyard and run longer cables?

Pretty sad when you can't see that mega buck power amp looming in your room though.
Underneath I have Stillpoints with risers sitting on top of a 2 inch thick maple amp stand. On top a VPI brick for right now, I've used HRS dampening plates ion the past.
Clio does that sound really good to your ears? Are you a musician?
I have a Bright Star Audio Sandbox with German Acoustic tonecones underneath it. I took the rubber feet of my amp off and I have the lip of the amp on the styrofoam strip that runs around the square interior of the sandbox. On top for the dampening I have the Bright Star Big Rock which pushes it flat on to the sandbox.
So, SRA silent running audio makes some cool floating amp stands for my cary, but they are over $3000 for the pair!! that's almost as much as they cost used! dang...

Not a musician and sounds good to me, as well as many others who have heard my system. Why do you ask?
A Sound Anchor amp stand under my Cary 40M monoblocks transformed them----more dynamic, more detailed, and more coherent. This was compared to a solid wood stand that I had tweaked to get the best sound.


Have you looked into the VR Series of Platforms from Silemt Running Audio? They are much less costly and up to 85% as effective as the OHIO Class bases. I am one of the biggest Doubting Thomases around, so when I reviewed these things (both the Ohio Class and VR platforms) for Stereo Times a few years ago, I was shocked at the difference a PLATFORM made under my amps. Like PBB, I had those same thoughts and doubts. I don't have time to go into it here so I'll give you two sites (one is my review and the other is Marc Mickelson's curent review at Soundstage [where I am now]) Maybe these will help - maybe not as it is all opinion and preference in the end in any event.



Hope this helps!
I second the SRA recommendation. Yes, they can be costly, but IMO there is no better isolation device on the planet. I have them under every component in my system, and the difference they've made in the sound quality is nothing short of astounding. If you can afford them, and don't want to settle for anything less than the very best, check out SRA. They're worth every penny.
Sorry about that duplicative site reference. I don't know how I missed that.

Here is the Soundstage review site I mentioned:

Hey thanks... so what color can the standard VRA come in? I hate that grey phony rock color...
Dennis, my advice would be to call Kevin at SRA. I think (but you need to confirm this) part of the cost savings is that the finish on the VR Series is much less time consuming that the outrageous gloss finishes of the OHIO Class bases. I do think you may be able to get it in another color though, but again, check with Kevin. The finish does not affect the sonics though.

I've only seen the VR series in the grey finish, but it's worth a call or email to SRA to see if custom colors are a possibility.

Looks like your question is pretty well beat to death above. I just wanted to chime in with my own absolute success using a SRA VR Base with my Cary 300SEI.

I'll simply say, the improvement is astounding! I have been no stranger to tweaks and have used quite a few isolation systems over the years. I won't say that the SRA beats all of these other systems on every component, but for tube amps such as the Cary, I don't think anything else can touch them. Keep an eye out for the occaisional used SRAs. Just try to get a platform that was designed for a comparable weight (+/- 5 lbs.)

Good Luck.
I have the VR series under my Lamm amps and the difference was very significant. Increased clarity with better defined images. Bass goes deeper and tighter. These make such a difference that I consider them a requirement.