What's this stuff on the back of a PS Audio Outlet

Anybody know what the function of these do-dads could be? I swapped outlets in a PS Ultimate Outlet 20amp HO unit and was surprised by this stuff.


Hey I'm curious too. Post this over at the asylum, i.e. www.audioasylum.com, over in the PS Audio section. This should be interesting,
They might be capacitor's (or a simple network)to shunt noise to ground from positive and neutral.
The blue things look like MOV's (Metal Oxide Varistors) They provide overvoltage protection. The black square thing looks like a capacitor, probably for noise reduction.
The blue devices are Y caps used for high frequency filtering. They are connected between line to ground and neutral to ground. The large square device is a surge suppresor connected across line to neutral.

Answer from Audio Asylum-


Never did get an answer from the email I sent directly to PS Audio...huh :)

It was Paul McGowan from PS Audio that responded that they were capacitors, but his response was rather brief. You might want to ask him at that forum what purpose they serve.
"No, it will only remove the noise reduction properties. " was the answer. Really was my only concern.

Well the previous posters were correct, the unit sounds better with the Cryo Hubble(Porter Port). Kinda funny, I installed the Porter Ports in the "wall"(before the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet and in the wall directly before the amp) and noticed no real improvement. Noticed a improvement when I swapped out the outlet in the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet.

Now I guess I can head down to Radio Shack and get these parts to modify the Porter Ports. Burn down the house and get sued by PS Audio....:)