What's the verdict on the Adcom GFA-5802

I am considering changing(up grading)to Adcom GFA-5802 amp and GFP-750 pre. I currently am using a Parasound HCA-1500a and Parasound P/HP-850 pre, will I be disappointed? Is there a better high power, high quality, budget combo out there? I have Audio Physic Virgo II speakers.
Thanks for your help.
In my opinion, and from experience owning both at the same time, the Adcom GFP-750 and GFA-5802 match up together very well and have a natural synergy.
They have good bass, an excellent warm midrange with outstanding vocal reproduction, and a good smooth treble.
The only thing that seemed to be somewhat lacking from this combo was ultimate top-end extension and air, and overall speed. In some ways this combo really excels, however.
I feel that the Adcom combo would be somewhat warmer, more transparent, smoother, and would have better vocal reproduction than the Parasound combo.
From experience, with the HCA-3500 power amp and the P/LD-2000 preamp, the Parasounds are probably brighter, alittle more extended on top, and may have slightly better bass extension.
What do you like and dislike about the sound of the Parasound combo?
I think you are perfectly ok with the Adcom preamp upgrade. However, I would find a used McCormack DNA 1 (or Deluxe) to use with it. The 5802, for the short time I owned it some years back, just didn't fair well in the comparison. It's an amp that doesn't offend but it doesn't seem to give you all of the music. I felt its dynamic swings were a little lacking, a little conjested in the mids and the highs weren't exactly what I'd call pristine (of course the McCormack can sound a touch "Tizzy" at times if you don't get the synergy thing going.)
They're a lot of excellent amps out there at good prices. I wouldn't just lock in on any particular one. Do a little research and you'll probably have more long term satisfaction. I do think the GFP 750 is an excellent preamp for the money(especially run passive.) The active side has a tiny touch of that Adcom sound but overall it is excellent.
My problem is lack of power since I changed my cdp to a TRL Sony c2000es. It could be my preamp that is lacking, but I believe it's both. The Sony puts out 2v. From what I understand most mass market cdps bump their output voltage to make them sound more dynamic. While TRL subscribes to the industry standard of 2v. My amp/pre compo rocks with a "hot" source... I would guess that I have approx 50% of the volume level with the TRL Sony cdp.
As far as quality of sound, I don't have a problem with the Parasound. I believe they lean to the bright side. I also thought they lacked resolution and dynamics at low listening levels, but they always filled my large room with ample volume until I hooked up the TRL Sony cdp.
So because of my much improved source I'm looking not only for higher volume levels, but a overall better product while still keeping my "budget" moniker.
I have to agree with Bigtee about the 5802.
There are better budget amps out there.
The 5802 is slightly dull, alittle congested, and just a small tad slower than some amps.
In my system, however, it did match up better with the GFP-750 preamp than with any other preamp I had on hand, and had exceptional vocal reproduction in my particular system.
I do think that I would try out a different amp if I were you, however.
And, the Adcom GFP-750 is a killer preamp for the price, especially used.
The only real weaknesses the Adcom preamp has is a slight dryness, and a slightly grainy or highlighted top-end in active mode, otherwise its strong suits: focus and transparency, are hard to beat in its price range.
Gandme, There are many expensive CD players that output higher than the 2v standard. I have had several. With a slightly higher voltage, the sounds ramps up in volume a touch quicker and gives a little illusion of being more dynamic sometimes in comparison to others. Anytime components are compared, the louder one will generally come out on top(talking about system volume.) That is why it is always important to match levels and be on an equal playing field when deciding. It is also extremely hard to make comparisons of components unless they are in the same system side by side. The mind can play tricks when you listen to something here and then compare later to something else down the road. This is why I don't put much faith in reviews or comments unless one has used them in his or her own system. I know it's hard to do this sometimes but it is the only way to have an honest comparison.
Daltonlanny & Bigtee
Thanks for your advice. A used Adcom GFP-750 showed up on the GoN like a omen for $525...so I snagged it! I'm going to see how it sounds with my Parasound, then re-think my Amp selection.
My vote would be the Ayre V-3......

with Your speakers, Very musical.
Let us know how the Adcom GFP-750 works out.