What's the story on Pluto turntables?

Every now and then Pluto turntables and tone arms appear in photographs from audio shows. I have never seen one, much less listened to a system that included Pluto equipment. Does anyone have any experience with Pluto? It never seems to be reviewed.

you can see a Pluto 10A in my review on the Schroeder tonearm on www.tnt-audio.com. I had it for two or three years, but could not afford to keep it longer. It costs simply too much money, and when I needed cash, I took the chance to sell it. Soundwise, it was the very best turntable deck that I had. Period. They are derived from the Simon Yorke turntables, and share some things in common. Simon Yorke and Eddie Driessen of Pluto Audio had a joint venture in the first half of nineties.
There is a review (in German) online at www.hoererlebnis.de, a German low-volume hi-end publication.

Hope that helps.

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I heard one at CES. It was very impressive sounding, and beautiful. As I recall, it was a bit imtimidating compared to most other tables, in terms of a few fragile-looking string weights etc. The pricing scared me away without really evaluating it too closely. Cheers,