What's the solid state amp to buy $2500?

I've been out of the loop for a couple years enjoying my Harbeth C7s with a pair of Joule 18w SET monos. My tastes have shifted and I'm looking for a solid state amp for the setup. System is vinyl only with Herron tube pre and phono.
You just missed the Herron monos that sold on Audiogon a couple of days ago for $2250, I believe it was. Maybe another pair will come along.
Ric Schultz at EVS is getting ready to release a new amp of his own design. A 25w pure class A, ss (50w @ 4 ohm). Don't know exactly when it's due out, but it should be killer. $2500 Details on his site.
If you're prepared to be patient & stretch just a little, i'd vote for a 2nd hand McCormack DNA-500. Good examples can be found found circa $3k. The DNA-500 sounds tube-like and is musical sounding, and will also have enough power to drive pretty much any speaker you might throw at it in future. They don't last long when they come up on the 'Gon & there is a good reason for that; they are a really nicely designed & built amp & a flat out bargain for their asking price.
Go to 3,000 and you can get the a Conrad Johnson SS.
Go a bit higher and, if you can found one, buy a Jeff Rowland Concentra I or II.

I've had one for many years, and have had absolutely no desire to change.
There is a CODA amplifier 20 on audiogon right now and Reno Hi-Fi (http://www.renohifi.com/PassUsed/PassUsedInStock.htm) currently lists a x250 and offers a 1 year warranty both are within your budget. No Association with either seller.

There is a conrad johnson mf2275 currently listed on audiogon.

Any of these amps would work well with your Herron Phono Stage.

How have your tastes shifted? What are you looking to change or improve upon?
also not sure what you are looking to improve upon from the Joule amps BUT I would think a used set of Herron monos would be in that price range
As noted above, the Parasound A21. It may be the best amp in that price range AND beats a lot of more expensive amps.
The Joules are a bit too lush for me these days. I'm looking for something more dynamic. Been playing guitar a lot so I'm wanting a tiny bit more of a studio sound. Just leaning over to that side some, although maybe some ATC Active Speakers are in my long term future.
Bel Canto ref150s stereo or ref500m monos, or any Jeff Roland that might come up under budget. Wyred4Sound another good option. These are all Class D amplifiers.

A real bargain for tube like sound in a SS design is Tube Audio Design Hibachi monoblocks. That will leave a lot of change to play with if you can find a pair.
take a look at the usher r 1.5 power amp.
For $3000 you can get the wonder amp Benchmark AHB2.
Maybe a Class A solid state amp would get you what you're looking for without losing too much tonality or fluidity. There's a Plinius SA103 and Pass Labs XA100.5s for sale here that might be worth a look. Or maybe a McCormack DNA 500 or a hybrid like a Rogue Medusa, although you might need to change the input tubes to get the right tonal balance as stock tubes may leave you a little cold. Just some ideas, but best of luck.
Ah crap. Forgot about price limit. Except for the Medusa used I need to downgrade my recommendations. There's a Plinius SA102 for sale in your price range and a McCormack DNA250 a bit lower. Got nothing for Pass, but Reno HiFi is offering an intro discount for the new First Watt F6 that's in your price range and you can demo. Sorry for the brain fart.
Check out Frank Van Alstine's offerings:

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Parasound A21 works very well with my class A tube pre . It responds to just about everything I through at it . Power cords, i/cs , fuses and spkr cables. I am now getting almost ridiculously good sound from my system. I am sure many of the others mentioned are quite good. I just wanted to give you my experience with the Parasound . Hope all works out for you.
Check out Odyssey Audio.
Just found a pair of Herron's! Thanks for all the help!
Excellent---an all Herron amp system!
Dhcod, the Herrons can be upgraded to the current configuration for a reasonable fee. I think Keith produces a great sounding robust product and is a pleasure to deal with.
Agree with the Parasound, but a used x250 would be even better.
Audioprojekte CA10
10 watts, however
Agree with the Parasound, but a used x250 would be even better.
Agree with the Parasound, but a used x250 would be even better.
A fellow audiophile and friend has a set of Harbeth 40.1s and now uses an Emotive XPA-2 stereo amp; definitely meets your price criteria. It has pits of hell bass, great high frequency and midrange response and drove the Harbeths without breaking a sweat. I was shocked at what Emotiva had packed into this fine amp. Another friend of ours swore by the monoblock versions of the same amp.....
Herron's here and fantastic! Upgrade to M1As. All the sweetness of the SET amps with jazz and Americana but with so much more drive, dynamics, and power when I listen to more spirited music.
Great choice Dhcod. I just recently went the same route having Keith perform the M1a upgrade to my amps. Everything that has been stated about Herron I full heartedly back up.
Musical Design t100 entry level and in time you can upgrade it to the ultra elite. this little gem beat out my Parasound a21, and I use it to drive my Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand's and it doesn't break a sweat!
I am getting the Benchmark AHB2 amp to pair with the my existing Benchmark DAC2. Some compare this combo to the Devialet 120 integrated. It has better specs than the Devialet. Price is $2995.

Read review at The Poor Audiophile and from Hans Wetzel, SoundStage.
How the Herrons working out? Cheers,
They are fantastic. I am getting exactly what I wanted... still 97% of the sweetness of the SET amps with way more dynamics and no fuss! I never thought that would matter but it's nice to not have to worry about the amps the way you do with tube amps.
Glad you are happy with your Herron amps and I feel you made a good choice. I have his phono-stage and it is fantastic as well. Keith is a great person to work with.

Good Luck and Happy Listening.

The Herron amps appear to be a fantastic product, albeit at $13,000 per pair of monoblocks new, so about 5 times the original budget! I know we'd all love to do the same with our budgets, congrats.