What's the right MIT speaker cable?

Hi, I'm italian music lover and need your help...
I have a pair of vintage tube power amps(LEAK TL 10), is the MIT SHOTGUN S1 the right speaker cable for my amps? Is the right impedance network for my amps?
If not, what's the right MIT speaker cable?
Your help is appreciated...
The S1 has adjustable impedance settings (low, medium, high), so it will work with all gear. The S1 is a excellent choice.
Thank You very much for your help, Merganser!
But I need your help also for the speaker cable, please peruse my question.
I know that the MIT interconnect cable have the adjustable impedance setting but my questions is on the right speaker cable.
Thanks for your help!
Oops, I see that now. Yes, the S1 speaker cable will work just fine for you. The speaker cables are not impedance specific.