What's the review of Gon'ers on Norh speakers?...

Norh get's a lot of attention on Audiocircle and some on Audioasylum, but rarely gets mentioned here. I was just wondering what this crew thinks of Norh speakers?
They are very very good speaker,very unique also,I have
the 6.9 rewired by Siltech,they are good looking too.
For the money they are hard to beat,I think here at
Agon they are not popular yet,because Michael Barnes
have not advertise them like the Tyler speakers.I hope
they will give them a chance here, At TNT.com they did
have a very good reviews.One of the problem, Buyers
here are not comfortable yet buying on new names,and
of course overseas,but they are very good company.Lastly
they look like collectors item too. Thanks
Very Good. I have a pair of 6.1 wood and 6.9sm synthetic marble. Both are unbeatable both for their value and their sound. Rich tight bass, marvelous mid-range, and non-glare highs. Much less glare than B&W or other metal tweater boxes. Great drivers and a look that you will either love or hate.

I have no connection with Norh accept as a happy customer.
I have the 6.9SM and really like the sound, it took a long time for them to break-in. They are very accurate and the SM do not color the sound at all, it is very inert. The bass is icredible for that size, sometimes it sounds like there is a sub on. I also own the Magnepan 3.6 and find myself listening to both with equal time.
Just dont drink the punch.

6.9 owners if you can rewire them with siltech, or
a better wire, I would strongly recommend it,You
have not heard the best yet, Michael Barnes cant
use expensive wire it will raise the price.Just
by looking at this speakers, they are worth rewiring.
Mine are as good as the marble 9, maybe better.They
are hard to beat.