what's the real story on china-hifi-audio? legit online shop or not?

I see alot of seemingly good legit reviews from people who purchase from china-hifi-audio

they put out a press release in December indicating that they carry Line Magnetic
Line Magnetic suggests on their site that only the listed authorized dealers carry their stuff, while I'm getting a wink wink feeling to that, I also know a very reputable dealer that carries Line magnetic product that he gets directly from them,  who is not listed on their site
my guess at this time is that its grey market stuff, real product sans packaging warranty and support
who knows the real story here?

I don't know the answer to your question but they do have some very appealing prices on some gear. I do note that much of their offerings are only available in 220 which means you'd need a step down transformer or rewire your electrical panel for it.
If you are referring to Cattylink I contacted them a couple of years ago about Line magnetic for the USA. I received a series of incredibly nasty emails from them for  no apparent reason. Imagine if you have a service issue! Shuddering at the thought.  This is definitely a public Service announcement!
Not hi-fi gear but bought some table tennis rubbers -locally $120.00 each Ali express $18.00 delivered .Still cant tell the difference if the  are legitimate or great copies
Well, they do sell 110V components, e.g., https://www.china-hifi-audio.com/en/jungson-audio-amplifier-cd-player-c-27/jungson-ja-99c-class-a-power-amp-full-balanced-deluxe-edition-20th-anniversary-p-2104

You might want to see the review at https://www.tnt-audio.com/ampli/jungson_ja99_e.html

Who knows; the 80 Watt Class A power amp may be a deal at $1215!

Apparently if you simply Google the individual components you get a fuller description.