What's the "worst" cdp for the money?

OK, we've seen much input on the best cdp for the money. Now how about we collect opinions on the worst value cdp's out there? You know, like a $3000 player that sounds like a $300 player.
Without question or equal,, the Shanling CDT 100
Scarey bad! Its a shame something to beautiful can sound so bad,, my computer drive is better!
I took home for a weekend audtion the reference, top of the line Naim CDP that sells for $13000.00. The audtion lasted one and a half days because I and my girlfriend found it's sound so annoying and unpleasant we could not take it any more! No, it was not broke and was fully broken in and warmed up. So, it just was not bad, but a "bad joke" for 13 grand. Sorry Naim owners, no offense, I just don't get the virtues other's hear in Naim gear.
Audiomeca Obsession I - for the price closed in, wooden, dead- completely mediocre.
What would you consider a positive contribution to a purposefully negative thread?
Fatparrot..I hear you..The Audiogon Police should be arriving any time now.

IMHO..they certainly have ended some very interesting threads....and for no apparent reason.
The worst CD player I bought was a CEC at a yard sale here in town.
I paid $30 for it! I was so proud,I felt like I had struck gold.
It sounded very good to my ears!
I wanted to do some google research on it so I looked closely at it to get the model number on the player.In doing so, I noticed it was not CEC but NEC!! It went from sounding very good to horrible.
Worst $30 I ever spent :~)
By the way...I was a newbie then..
Judy426, just an observation as to the probable end of this thread.

And there is nothing "positive" that I see about this thread anyway, as Timrhu stated. If a Bose system gives someone enjoyment, and fulfills his audio needs...it's not a piece of junk to HIM! There are two highly regarded speakers (no names!) that always seem to generate great reviews and praise. Having heard them at 3 consecutive CES, I feel that they are vast underachievers. I'm not about to insult the listeners who enjoy them, or the manufacturers who put their pride and hard work into building them.

This is a very nasty and petty thread!
I agree,this thread sucks!I can't wait till my player is mentioned,what fun that will be.Gary.
I am curious to know what the rest of your systems are(interconnects, Powercords, speakers, Amp, Pre, etc). Keep in mind when comparing cd players - your performance will be limited to the weakest components/interconnects in your system. If a $3000 cdp sounds like the $300, then you have a weak link somewhere preventing you from gaining the benefit of a higher resolution player.
I disagree this thread should be closed. These forums include constant harping on how the audio magazines only provide positive reviews because of advertisor money, and how the cost of audio equipment has gotten out of control. We also read advertisements declaring "you would have to spend 5 times as much to achieve the performance level of their new cd/amp/dac/etc." So, why shouldn't people on this forum have an opportunity to provide their opinons of equipment that doesn't measure up for the money. Isn't one of the reasons we have these forums to share experiences and opinions? If someone believes certain equipment is not worth the money, I am interested to hear what and why. I don't believe the initial thread post was excessively negative, and assuming the posts stay away from personal attacks and gross generalizations about manufacturers, there may be some interesting information discussed.
Hmmmm..... What's up with some of you guys? Many of these threads contain opiniated comparisons between different components. When a user gives an opinion on which component is better over another, one particular component always receives a negative recommendation. So, does this mean that all threads asking which component people prefer over another should be closed? I don't think so, as this would eliminate one of the main reasons many of us use these message boards. To ask opinions.

The purpose of this thread was to allow users to stress their opinions on a particular subject. It seems when someone thinks they have found a "holy grail" component, they are allowed to get on the web and tell the world how great it is, and there's nothing wrong about this. But, when someone finds a poor value component, shouldn't they also be allowed to spread the word, as well. Look at how many ads we see on A'gon stating things like "The best player under $2000". This is an attack on ALL other players under $2000. Maybe these ads should get yanked, as well.

Everyone in this hobby should know that perception of sound quality is very subjective, and also system dependent. User's opinions should be taken as a general guideline, and not a definitive answer. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

This thread asked for opinions on one subject, so please stick to the subject. If you don't like the thread, then just pass it by.
Fatparrot says >>This is a very nasty and petty thread!<<
Ouch! Somebody must have mentioned your cd player huh?
I'm not sure that what I'll be saying here is what I perceive to be the worst player for the money, but rather the least value for the price that I auditioned when I ugraded my digital components. Based on previous responses I will add a disclaimer that this is my opinion only as an amatuer critic and based on home listening tests. For those interested the pertinent system components that used to home audition the CDPs were:

Cary V12i
Cary SLP-98L
Spendor 1/2e (on Sound Anchor stands)
Chang Lightspeed 6600 (amp)
PS Audio P300 Power Plant (sources, but switched all CDPs tested back and forth between the PS Audio and Chang)
Nordost Red Dawn RCA interconnects
Wire World Silver Electra 5 PC (amp)
Electra Glide PC (preamp)
XLO Reference (speaker)
An array of PCs to test each CDP (all burned in)

CDPs tested: Jolida JD-100, SimAudio Moon Equinox, and Naim CD5x (using the Chord DIN to RCA and without flatcap).

Of these the CDP that I thought had the least value for the price was the Naim CD5x. I had heard a lot about Naim and the sound it produced from many people but just could not hear it in my set-up. Not that it sounded poor, but for the money ($3k) it sounded less musical than the Sim at $2250 and was slightly embarrassed by the Jolida which is under $1k. I don't think I would have paid more than $1500 for the Naim and that would include twisting my arm. I was very unimpressed considering the hype. However, I will add another opinion and that is I feel Naim gear belongs with other Naim gear. I don't feel Naim gear sounds as good as separates.

All this being said some of you may be curious which CDP I selected. The answer is none of them. I was also conducting a simultaneous test with separate transports and DACs and decided to go that route. Had I decided to go the CDP route the Sim most likely would have won out.
Linn Genki. Never heard it myself. Corresponded with a former reviewer at Soundstage who was to have reviewed the Linn CDP.

He said it was a real POS. Sounded like a circa 1985 player. He let the editor of Soundstage hear the player and he agreed and they scraped the review.

BW Maxx
I've heard A LOT of players over the years, and probably thirty or more over the past two years. Some I really enjoyed, while others just didn't do it for me. But not a single one fit the description of "$3K player that sounds like a $300 player." Sorry to disappoint, but that's just my opinion.
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Elizabeth, how do you find the time to listen to your CDP for 100,000 hours? 100,000 hours for a CDP is great in my book. My last Sony lasted 40 hours before it started to develop problems. Amusing reading, your post:)
Incredible, Elizabeth! If you listened for 10 hours every day, that would equate to about 27.37 years of play. That's pretty good reliability. Sure you weren't counting in dog hours?
Elizabeth -
Sounds like you've got alittle Black Widow thing going on...."(I enjoy destroying things that gave me pleasure...)"

Kidding! Enjoyed your post though.

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Still very impressive service.

You know, the bludgeoning thing sounds like it would be really good for your mental health. If I didn't have so much money tied up in my toys, I'd probably take great pleasure in beating the bejesus out of at least a couple of 'em ;)
Timrhu, "What would you consider a positive contribution to a purposefully negative thread?"

This is an excellent thread! It will help many from making a BAD purchase. It is something I thought of posting myself a few weeks back.
So Elizabeth...how did your pets rate the Sony 89ES? Loved it, or a real "dog" :-)
my Sony 9000ES, players costing 1/3 (when it was new) were more musical to me,
I have heard Naim at a few occasions and must agree very uninvolving, unmusical unless player

unless you like metal, rap
and similar loudly crap :)
sony scd777es... one of the worst sounding players i've ever heard in my system. i'll never understand what other see in this 50# boombox.
One problem with this thread is that if you already have one (or more) of the CD players mentioned it this thread, it can be bad to see them listed. I have both the Linn Genki and the Shanling T100. After reading this thread, should I just commit suicide, or what?
Joey, you could take Liz's tack and smash them both with a hammer just to save face. That would give you a reprieve on the suicide thing. The problem comes when you attempt to buy a replacement. How long before the new one shows up on this thread??? How long should you wait until you are sure your choice is 'safe?'
Welcome to the 21st century. The computer is the ultimate transport, superior in every respect compared to the stand-alone CD players that actually have to read flaky CDs (and you have to actually insert a new one to hear another album) in real time and use a jitter-prone connection to send the data to a decent DAC.
I find it no one has mentioned the ultra priced expensive gear...surely in terms of "for the money", the word cdp has to be somewhere in this category. Cmon, take off your gloves.

For example, I like the Zanden but for US$45,000? C'mon!
Anything from Accuphase...........way overpriced, very mediocre sound for the money. Sounds good, but worth it only if priced about 70% cheaper.
guss2 says, "What does that make an un-modded Denon 2900,a clock radio?"

perhaps, but it's at least a player well worth modifying. i had mine redesigned completely and it is absolutely amazing. sorry if i insulted a player that you like, it's just my opinion.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion Quackfat,it's just my opinion that these two machines are'nt close in any catagory in stock form.Sound,build quality,transport and modification potential all go to the 777ES,IMO.This is all in stock form as I have not heard a super modified 2900 yet,but I am anxious to.I have heard a modified 777ES and it destroys it's stock counterpart.That being said,I have heard nothing but good things about the modified 2900 sound,so maybe I'll try talking my buddy into investing some money in his machine.Enjoy your player,Gary.
"Sound,build quality,transport and modification potential all go to the 777ES,IMO."

please don't take this the wrong way, but i'll put the sonic proformance of my 2900 up against any scd777es, stock or modified. the old sony is simply out of its league here.
Quackfat,I'm talking stock player here.You had to spend $4500 to "redesign completely" a player that was so much better than a 777ES(50# Boombox).It does'nt matter what your player sounds like now,because that money could have been spent modifying any player and it would all come down to someones preferences.My original comment went back to the stock players,and yes,the 2900 is far inferior to the old Sony still for sound,build quality,or the transport alone.My friend owns a 2900 and it is a good DVD player,but has a distinct disadvantage being that it is a DVD player and corners must be cut in the sound department.I'm sure your $4500 "completely redesigned"DVD player sounds better than an un-modified 777es,but the same money can be spent upgrading this player and it would come down to personal taste for most.We don't need to serve and volley here,my comments were only in regards to stock players and your original comments.Gary.
TFKaudio, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, there are PLENTY of older units that can still blow away todays units.
well, not to be difficult, but i did hear a modified pioneer 563a ($500 total) head to head against the scd777es here in my system. that was the day i removed the sony from my system. i was embarassed for the sony. and i dissagree about the modification potencial of the sony over the denon... no more volly from me.
Exaggerating is actually really pretty much a woman thing. My wife does it, like, a million times a day.

Elizabeth, what do you mean you never do anything? Are you exaggerating again or do just sit around the house all day Saturdays and Sundays?
"Exaggerating is actually really pretty much a woman thing. My wife does it, like, a million times a day."

i'm not sure what this is in responce to, but that's funny.