What's the purpose of the Auralic Aries G2 if the Auralic Vega G2 has built in streaming?

This is NOT a trick question. I can connect my Vega G2 to my home networks router/switch using an ethernet cable right? SO what's the purpose of the Aries G2 if the Vega G2 has a built in streamer?

It's for people who want a streamer and want to use their own DAC. That's basically it and the straight Aries is also a bit higher quality streamer than the Vega since that is all it does and it's optimized for it.
Also according to Auralic, the Vega streaming functionality is limited and more basic compared to the Aries. I'm not sure of the specific differences though and I am curious.
so according to Auralic, the Vega streaming platform has smaller memory cache, no processing feature, no Lightning Server, no AirPlay, Bluetooth input - the Aries has these features.