what's the next upgrade

Current system:

Threshold T3
Aragon 8008
Rotel RCD 971
Dynaudio Contour 3.3

I'm thinking of upgrading the CD player to a Jolida 100. Any other suggestions for the next upgrade in this system?
Dedicated circuits and power conditioning - unless you have them and failed to mention it. I have Aragon 8008's in my system as well, and they responded extremely well to the power upgrades I did.
Normally I would go with what Slv said, but in this case I would go with your first thought of a cdp upgrade. Power conditioning is pricey, but well worth it. I would think power conditioning will lead you, anyway, toward a new source. I'm an Audio Aero Prima fan. You'll get oodles of suggestions: Put the Prima on your very short list. Your source, especially, deserves, its' own dedicated line. That, before power conditioning.....peace, warren
What about cables and points?
Treat your room for bass and first reflections. You have no idea of the potential of your equipment until you hear your system in an environment that addresses the room, IMO
Twl, Don't you think that in this price range the money would be better spent on source components? Far more difference in the sound of different components in this price range than in the differences brought by tweeks, IMHO. Sales slow?
The Arcam FMJ CD23T should be considered and auditioned. It is much better than the Jolida 100. A used one should be about $1200.
I agree with Slv, Twl, and Warrenh. But Newbee? NEVER! :)

Seriously though, I would put properly addressing vibration control, properly addressing line-conditioning, installing dedicated circuits/lines, and speaker placement at the top of any system's list of priorities for two simple reasons:

1. Without properly (gotta' keep using that word) addressing vibration control, the AC, and speaker placement, it is impossible (to the best of my knowledge) to realize the potential of your equipment regardless of how much you spend on it. In other words, these are universally foundational categories for everyone.

2. Relatively speaking, vibration control, AC treatments, and speaker placement are among the more inexpensive items in a given system. Of course if you pay no attention to these issues, they cost you even less.