What's the most overrated or overpriced piece of equipment you own, have owned or come by?

This hobby of ours is extremely rewarding, but can also be very expensive. I don't mind paying the big bucks (if I can afford it) for better sound. But many companies out there take advantage of us poor bastards and sell us snake oil equipment at exorbitant prices. Well...This is your chance to share with other Audiogonners.

This is your chance to GET EVEN :-)

Fortunately this is the one thread where getting something wrong is allowed. We had it created special for this purpose. All other threads require absolute fidelity to the truth. You will be banished for life to ASR for even the slightest infraction. So I would stick to this thread a while, just to be safe.

Magnepan .7 speakers. I just never enjoyed how they sounded. Sold them to a friend who loved how they reproduced music. He still has them years later.

I’ve had a couple of pieces by Schiit over the last couple of years: Thin, dry, clunky and sound cheap. Not super expensive, but more expensive that they’re worth. Fortunately, they were easy to sell.

Magnepan: Inefficient, sorely lacking in the low-end, require huge power, excel at simple, acoustic type music, and that’s pretty much it. Relatively expensive and one-dimensional. Disappointing.

Cambridge Audio: This brand reminds me of late 1980’s Jaguar cars. Pretty on the outside with all the real-world reliability of a junkie. Love me some Jaguars, not so much Cambridge Audio.

What I’ve learned:

What’s right for somebody else, isn’t necessarily right for me.

Reviews are, at the very least......let’s just say......"slanted". Trust your ears. The rest is irrelevant.

There’s no such thing as a "giant killer".

There’s no replacement for displacement.

I should add that I’m not trying to bash on any company, or get even, or anything like that. JM2CW.






I went against my instincts once and bought "audiophile" speaker cables. Complete waste of money. I preach that any chance I get.